Saturday, September 23, 2006

So we are all selfish pieces of CRAP

So I hate email forwards. I don’t read them. It doesn’t matter who they are from I just don’t read them. Well. Today I broke that regular delete routine. My friend Kasey sent me an email and I randomly read it. It is a story from Sports Illustrated of a kid that was born with all his limbs paralyzed. They figured out that he could communicate through a computer and one day asked his dad to run in a charity race. His father a self-described porker, pushed his son 5 miles. This led them to running marathons, 212 triathlons and doing 4 Ironman competitions. The father has done all of this for his son because after their 1st race his son communicated that during that run was the first time he didn’t feel disabled. I am not trying to over religious but I just thought about how much more Christ does for us because he loves us. Watch this video of a dad that gives his life away to his son. This father is a living example of being selfless.


Robert Prusa said...

Yeah he is pretty awesome. I have read numerous articles about him (running magazines and such) and saw something on tv about this duo. This dad is pretty amazing. His schedule is crazy to do all the training necessary, and not only does he finish all these intense races but beats most people that are not carrying their son on their back. The father once had a heart attack and did not find out about it until a routine doctor visit. The doctor said that if not for the shape he was in he would have died but his heart was strong enough to keep him alive during a massive heart attack. Crazy.

Aaron said...

wow, i didn't know that about the heart attack. crazy.