Friday, September 29, 2006

So I love sports!

Well, last night we went to a Twins game and had a blast. We were fortunate enough to see yet another last inning hero. Bottom of the ninth the twins tied the game with a homerun and then in the bottom of the 10th they won on a long single to center. It was a great game to be a part of. BUT there is a VERY funny story to go along with the game.

About the 2nd inning Trevor and Isaac show up to sit beside us, me specifically. I started some friendly conversation. Trevor was probably biracial and Isaac was ghost white with a red fro. They had started drinking at 5pm by sharing an entire bottle of vodka. Trevor is 39 semi retired, and a self proclaimed alcoholic. Isaac is 22 works, drinks to much, and was the life of the party. Bothe guys were very tipsy from the vodka when they got to the game. Some highlights were:
1) when the 3rd base ump said a guy did check his swing, Isaac started screaming at the ump, whose # he thought was #5. The he realized it was 50, oor 59 or 51. Finally he just screamed, “I don’t care what your number is I hate you!!” meanwhile our entire section is laughing. Trevor, Matt Adair, and Matthew Vestal are laughing so hard our stomachs hurt.
2) Our seats were right beside the Twins bullpen. The back up catcher for the Twins is Mike Redmon. Isaac walked over to Redmon and yelled “Hey Redmon, your not afraid.” Redmon looks up and Isaac says “Your not afraid. You’re an animal, your a wildcat Redmon, your not afraid.” Meanwhile Redmon is laughing along with the rest of us.
3) As I talked to Trevor about what they do normally, he said he gets up about 2:30 and watches some tv, his girl friend comes home, then they go drinking, but she hasto be in bed by 10 for work. He then looked at Isaac and said “I don’t Fing do anything man, I am a lazy ass, I drink to much, don’t really work, I don’t know I am just looking for answers.” Then he started laughing.

I have countless other stories about these 2 guys but I will not type them today because I don’t have the time. But we are a lot these new friends of mine. We are looking for answers and we all look in different places to find those answers. I hope one day to meet these guys again, maybe while we are here. I just would love to get to hang out some more with them and maybe get to share some of who I am. Here is a picture of Isaac, Kind of like a comic book character. So i love going to sporting events. I would have had to hang oout in a pub all night or go to a strip club to meet these guys. So yeah I love sports.

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