Thursday, September 28, 2006

Part of the family

I know there are some of you out there that hate sporting events (BTM I still can’t believe you went to LSU vs. Auburn and hated it), but last night I saw why people love sports.
I was able to go to my 1st cubs game at Wrigley Field. The field was nothing-crazy special. NO big jumbo TV, no kids town, no side games…just baseball. I went with Matt Adair and Matthew Vestal. We showed for batting practice and sat with what felt like one big family.
Here are a few stories from the bleachers. To our left there was a guy celebrating his 30th birthday. Had partial Mohawk, and was at the game with 12 of his best friends. There was a family sitting right beside them with a boy that was about 9 years old. In the top of the 1st inning Mr. Mohawk told the kid that he AND his friends would give him 1 dollar for every cuss word they said. The kid started making a few bucks here and there, so Mr. Mohawk told him if the kid didn’t get 40 bucks he would give him 40 bucks. That was before the Beer got in their system. To make a fun/funny situation short, the kids made $125+ bucks last night. Mr. Mohawks friends were so funny as they all lost so much money to this kid. I feel bad for Mr. Mohawk last night because he probably woke up this morning pissed at himself because he lost 60 bucks to a 9 year old. It was so funny.

Story #2 is that there was a handful of Brewer fans at the game. Two them happened to be punks. We ran into them b4 the game and they were punks and they just continued to show their butts as the night progressed. Cubs fans were screaming the entire time at them and the YELLED back. The security basically told the guys that they were going to get ejected if they didn’t calm down. Oh, did I mention these guys had a flask with them on top oof all the beer they drank? It was pretty funny to watch the Cubs security ride these guys all night long. So it was my delight that the Cubs won the game in the bottom of the 9th.

I also had some amazing Chicago style pizza. I must say it was my favorite pizza I have ever had.

So yeah the Chicago trip was great. As I sat in the stands and watched people enjoy the game and each other I had the feeling I was at a family event. All these folks didn’t know each other, I know that, but it seemed like they all did. It was kind of what I think church should be like, nothing to fancy, just a bunch of people coming together because they love Jesus. That’s what Wrigley was too me, nothing fancy, just a bunch of people who love the Cubs.

Stay tuned for my story about the Twins game tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I never could get your picture up from last night. Hope you got some rest. We miss you,