Saturday, September 30, 2006

What i am hearing

This guy is blogging about the conference i am at. check it out here.

Friday, September 29, 2006

So I love sports!

Well, last night we went to a Twins game and had a blast. We were fortunate enough to see yet another last inning hero. Bottom of the ninth the twins tied the game with a homerun and then in the bottom of the 10th they won on a long single to center. It was a great game to be a part of. BUT there is a VERY funny story to go along with the game.

About the 2nd inning Trevor and Isaac show up to sit beside us, me specifically. I started some friendly conversation. Trevor was probably biracial and Isaac was ghost white with a red fro. They had started drinking at 5pm by sharing an entire bottle of vodka. Trevor is 39 semi retired, and a self proclaimed alcoholic. Isaac is 22 works, drinks to much, and was the life of the party. Bothe guys were very tipsy from the vodka when they got to the game. Some highlights were:
1) when the 3rd base ump said a guy did check his swing, Isaac started screaming at the ump, whose # he thought was #5. The he realized it was 50, oor 59 or 51. Finally he just screamed, “I don’t care what your number is I hate you!!” meanwhile our entire section is laughing. Trevor, Matt Adair, and Matthew Vestal are laughing so hard our stomachs hurt.
2) Our seats were right beside the Twins bullpen. The back up catcher for the Twins is Mike Redmon. Isaac walked over to Redmon and yelled “Hey Redmon, your not afraid.” Redmon looks up and Isaac says “Your not afraid. You’re an animal, your a wildcat Redmon, your not afraid.” Meanwhile Redmon is laughing along with the rest of us.
3) As I talked to Trevor about what they do normally, he said he gets up about 2:30 and watches some tv, his girl friend comes home, then they go drinking, but she hasto be in bed by 10 for work. He then looked at Isaac and said “I don’t Fing do anything man, I am a lazy ass, I drink to much, don’t really work, I don’t know I am just looking for answers.” Then he started laughing.

I have countless other stories about these 2 guys but I will not type them today because I don’t have the time. But we are a lot these new friends of mine. We are looking for answers and we all look in different places to find those answers. I hope one day to meet these guys again, maybe while we are here. I just would love to get to hang out some more with them and maybe get to share some of who I am. Here is a picture of Isaac, Kind of like a comic book character. So i love going to sporting events. I would have had to hang oout in a pub all night or go to a strip club to meet these guys. So yeah I love sports.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Part of the family

I know there are some of you out there that hate sporting events (BTM I still can’t believe you went to LSU vs. Auburn and hated it), but last night I saw why people love sports.
I was able to go to my 1st cubs game at Wrigley Field. The field was nothing-crazy special. NO big jumbo TV, no kids town, no side games…just baseball. I went with Matt Adair and Matthew Vestal. We showed for batting practice and sat with what felt like one big family.
Here are a few stories from the bleachers. To our left there was a guy celebrating his 30th birthday. Had partial Mohawk, and was at the game with 12 of his best friends. There was a family sitting right beside them with a boy that was about 9 years old. In the top of the 1st inning Mr. Mohawk told the kid that he AND his friends would give him 1 dollar for every cuss word they said. The kid started making a few bucks here and there, so Mr. Mohawk told him if the kid didn’t get 40 bucks he would give him 40 bucks. That was before the Beer got in their system. To make a fun/funny situation short, the kids made $125+ bucks last night. Mr. Mohawks friends were so funny as they all lost so much money to this kid. I feel bad for Mr. Mohawk last night because he probably woke up this morning pissed at himself because he lost 60 bucks to a 9 year old. It was so funny.

Story #2 is that there was a handful of Brewer fans at the game. Two them happened to be punks. We ran into them b4 the game and they were punks and they just continued to show their butts as the night progressed. Cubs fans were screaming the entire time at them and the YELLED back. The security basically told the guys that they were going to get ejected if they didn’t calm down. Oh, did I mention these guys had a flask with them on top oof all the beer they drank? It was pretty funny to watch the Cubs security ride these guys all night long. So it was my delight that the Cubs won the game in the bottom of the 9th.

I also had some amazing Chicago style pizza. I must say it was my favorite pizza I have ever had.

So yeah the Chicago trip was great. As I sat in the stands and watched people enjoy the game and each other I had the feeling I was at a family event. All these folks didn’t know each other, I know that, but it seemed like they all did. It was kind of what I think church should be like, nothing to fancy, just a bunch of people coming together because they love Jesus. That’s what Wrigley was too me, nothing fancy, just a bunch of people who love the Cubs.

Stay tuned for my story about the Twins game tonight.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What does love look like?

This is something I think we all differ on. I am not really wanting the obvious church answer Jesus, followed by John 3:16. I am asking you what does love look like to you? I just got back from vacation where my bride and I watch 27 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Now before I go any further, I don’t care if you don’t like Grey’s, so please don’t comment about Grey’s being a bad show or that you just don’t like the show. We like the show; we all have our guilty pleasures. SO, on we go….We watched the entire 2nd season and I kept seeing one theme that I think we all identify with. Love looks different to all of us. The characters in the show are exaggerated of course but they are all looking for love in all the wrong places.
Maybe I need to reword my question: where do you hunt for love?
Work? Most men in the world seek out meaning and love in the work of their hands.
Kids? Many parents need the love of their kids to survive.
Clothes, cars, house, guitars, your HDTV, friends: I mean it can be anything but we are all seeking to be loved by something. Sadly enough my guitar can never love me back the way that I think I would love for it to love me. Nor can Levi give me meaning.

I know the only satisfying thing in life is Jesus but why do we do everything we can to find something to get close to satisfying. To me I think this shows how deep our sin is. We search and search for anything to give us a small taste of instant gratification.

My prayer for us is that the light of Christ would get brighter in our hearts so we might see our sin more clearly and as we see that sin we might be changed by the deep love of Christ.

So maybe this blog doesn’t make sense. I am honestly not sure why I even write on this thing because I am one of the worst writers that God created. I am as good at grammar as King Kong would be at ice-skating. So bare with me and my awful grammar.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

So we are all selfish pieces of CRAP

So I hate email forwards. I don’t read them. It doesn’t matter who they are from I just don’t read them. Well. Today I broke that regular delete routine. My friend Kasey sent me an email and I randomly read it. It is a story from Sports Illustrated of a kid that was born with all his limbs paralyzed. They figured out that he could communicate through a computer and one day asked his dad to run in a charity race. His father a self-described porker, pushed his son 5 miles. This led them to running marathons, 212 triathlons and doing 4 Ironman competitions. The father has done all of this for his son because after their 1st race his son communicated that during that run was the first time he didn’t feel disabled. I am not trying to over religious but I just thought about how much more Christ does for us because he loves us. Watch this video of a dad that gives his life away to his son. This father is a living example of being selfless.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Gotta start them early

So we were on vacation this week and i started Levi on his 1st Mac. He is sold on Apples.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

why i make myself so mad

i deleted about 200 pictures last night by mistake. i could not be more mad at my self. vacation is great tho, we are having fun and getting rest.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

be back in a week

We are going on vacation and probably wont have the access to internet. So I will be back in the blog world next week.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gadsby 352

I am not sure how i feel about this song right now, but i thought i would share. the recording isn't great but its a start. check it out and let me know what you think. Click here or past this in your browser

dumbest thing ever on tv

so i am working on some work stuff at home today and Camille is watching the view. I hear Rosie say "i feel like doing a production number" so the Kebler elf comes out of the side door and these guys holding paper cookies come out and dance with her. I have never liked “the view” nor have I watched it. So if there is a sure way to destroy a TV show here it is: get Rosie to do an overly lame song routine. Wow that was bad.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

what we all think we want

I love this song. for some reason i have it stuck in my head.i heard it 1st on Greys but its stuck in my head so i thought i would write about ar the lyrics that caught my ear.

“If I lay here, 
If I just lay here, 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?”

That’s what we all think we want and need, someone to “lie with me” and forget all the crap around us. Trust me I want to do that as much if not more than the next guy but I think there is more to life than surviving.
Yeah life gets really hard and people hurt us and we fail people, people pass away, jobs are lost, babies die, friends move away, I mean the list could go on. Life is just hard. But I still think there is more than just surviving. I think I have grown up believing that if I could just be good enough or do enough of the right things that life would get easier, I was wrong. My thinking has told me to just do what I have to do to survive and heaven will reward enough for all I have done. I don’t believe that anymore. I thought once you have that person that will “lie with me” life gets easier. I have that person. My bride is loyal, encouraging, loving, giving, cooks a mean lasagna and she would “lie with me” and just forget the world, if that would solve the worlds issues. See it is not that we need that person to complete our puzzle of life because we don’t we need a savior to really change us. I need that desperately. I was reading John 3 today and was thinking what a dramatic statement Jesus makes when he says you must be born again. My hope is that thorugh my rebirth my song in the midst of deep pain and sorrow would be
“If I lay here, 
If I just lay here, 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
But soon I will get up, I will need your help, I don’t need to stay here,
so lead me somewhere new. Somewhere that you want me to be”

i hope this blog makes a small amount of sense to anyone out there.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Living behind bars

Yesterday I drove by a prison. I had driven past this prison 10 times before this time but this time it was different. All of the inmates were outside for Rec. time. There were walking around the track, playing basketball, playing volleyball and sitting on benches. As I drove by I was caught by the thought that thousands of people drive by that prison everyday and see prisoners fenced in. I also noticed that it seemed like the prisoners didn’t even realize that cars were driving by. It was almost as if they were on a deserted island and there was not hope to ever leave.
I think that’s how we live. I think we see that life sucks, people hurt us and we think it has to stay that way things are. We think we are in our own prison. We are not in chains anymore. The love of Christ is rich and free. Why don’t we LIVE?
Just live.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why sorority girls shouldn’t be aloud into shows if they plan on drinking or opening their mouths.

So tonight I went with my buddy Justin Driver (who is a very talented musician) to see JAY CLIFFORD formally of “Jump Little Children”. Jay was incredible. His vocal range puts many to shame and his ability to make difficult chord progressions look easy and VERY smooth was impressive. It was a super cool setting at a brewery/restaurant. I would love our church to meet somewhere like this place. Not for the beer, I don’t like beer (sorry to all you beer lovers). So all in all the show was great.

Now back to the real reason I am writing tonight: Why sorority girls shouldn’t be aloud into shows, if they plan on drinking or opening their mouths.
There as a group of sorority girls with their boy toys right next to us. The guys with their beer and the girls with their wine. And I am not sure if one of the girls learned how to talk from Rosanne Barr but she was the loudest talker I have every been near. These girls talked the entire show, until Jay was singing a song with the word "wish" in it and held the "SH" a bit longer. They didn’t speak after that.

If you are that person who goes to a show just to have something to do, DON’T GO. You will talk to your buddies, talk on your cell phone, drink to much, get in a fight, and most of all piss off the guys that are trying to watch the show.

That was my night. Great job Jay. Here is his myspace: Jay Clifford

I was glad to get to see him since “Jump Little Children” is my sister in laws favorite band. You would have loved the show Maran.
Sorry the picture is such bad quality, I zoomed in with my phone.

Monday, September 04, 2006


I am not sure when plan to write everything I am thinking concerning my last blog, but I will come back to it.

I wanted to tell folks how much I like living where we do. We live in Watkinsville(that is next to Athens for you who do not know). We are so close to everything and I love Camille staying at home. I am so grateful to our church for making that happen. It is something we value and are SO thankful.

I have been thinking about the myspace/facebook world. I have a myspace…well 2 actually, one has music on it and one was my 1st blog. I was looking at a friends myspace which led me to another friends husbands. It was crazy how disgusting some of the things he had on his myspace. I had to leave his myspace because I felt like I would need to spend hours in a confession booth due to the vulgar content. It was sad because I know this guy goes to church every Sunday and would say he is a stand up Christian. Please do not hear me questioning his salvation; I am not doing that at all!!! I am however saying that I believe that these online communities give people male and female a secret place to exist as someone you are not during the normal day, a secret place to experience things they normally wouldn’t and see things that may not be the best for them. I hurt for people that struggle with this type of sin. Yet another disclaimer: I struggle with sin as well, not this particular one, but I have PLENTY of junk in my life. The reason I hurt for people with this struggle is because I feel like it is such a lonely virus. It infects our lives slowly until we are no longer the same people.
My encouragement for you guys or girls struggling with this is for you to seek out accountability for your online travels.
Maybe this blog seems strange but I was thinking about this last night, so I write.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

why do you go?

So church was everything I had hoped. Jesus was on display…I don’t think you could have been there and not noticed.
I would like to pose a question:
Why do you go to church?
I would love an answer from you, who ever you are, that reads my blog.

Rewording the question:
Why do you go to a church gathering/worship service/whatever you call your sunday gathering?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Heading to bed

Well I was hoping GT would pull out the upset, but with 4 min. left in the game it doesn't look like its going to work out. I will say to all you GT haters, they are a better team than most folks think(that is if they play like they did tonight.)

I am so glad college football is back!!! I am also glad my bride loves college football.
I am excited about church tomorrow, good songs, good sermon, get ready folks.

I am not sure of a couple of things:
1) who reads my blog?
2) do the folks who read go to our church?

anyway, I hope who ever is reading your involved in a church that you love and that church is pointing you to Jesus.