Friday, August 25, 2006

Why God Hates Me

So we had a great night at ”one night only” tonight. That was a vision casting night for our church. It was a good time, it was after that when God sent down his thunder.
BTW this is VERY personal and a lot of information, so if you don’t want to know go ahead and surf another site, no seriously read something else, this is a lot of info you may not want to read. So here we go.
I had to leave “one night only” and take back the projector we used. I left the community center at about 9:45. I got to HWY 316 at about 9:50. I was on the phone and the drops of sweat began to come. I mean it was like I had been cutting grass for hours. I was on the phone with my dad and I got off the phone to hopefully calm my self down. I then had to make a choice to find a bathroom. I was turned right on 316 and headed towards Athens. I pulled into McDonalds behind a red truck. I park the car and watch the guy from the red truck run to the mens bathroom and take the stale I need. So I get back in the car and decide I might be able to return the projector and make it home. I start down 316 and miss my turn to the house. I had t o drive 3 miles and turn around, then returned the projector. Start out of the neighborhood and here comes the pain again. It’s the pain that screams through your skin, and yes I was screaming.
I get to the Publix in Watkinsville and I think I am almost home I can make it. I pass the Zaxby’s and realize I had made a mistake. I couldn’t make it. I had to turn around. I ran into Zaxby’s and met the porcelain Gods and eased some of my pain. By now I have sweated more than I would have if I were playing football inside of a volcano, and now I am ready to lay down.
I got home and laid on the couch and I am planning on convening with the porcelain God’s one last time and go to bed.
I will not be eating Zaxby’s for a long while. Steven Stowe, I told you Zax sauce will kill you.
Sorry if this is a lot of info you didn’t want but that was my night…well just the end of it.
oh and by the way i don't think God really hates me for you folks that don't know i am joking.


Jim said...

Alastair would HATE this entry...

Aaron said...

it is my life, and life sometimes hurts!!!