Sunday, August 13, 2006

So today I turned 28

I hope all this makes sense.

Today August 13, 2006, I turned 28 years old. And unlike any other year, I feel pretty reflective. So here are my reflections on the past year.

Well one year ago today we had the 1st program of the year at 1st Pres. and we were preparing for Sharptop. Sharptop, for those who don’t know, is the greatest retreat ever. The strange thing about that weekend is, just B4 I left for that weekend Christ Community Church called me applying to come and lead worship for the church. A long story short: We moved to Watkinsville in February.It was hard to leave the people of FPC. If any of you read this: I miss you guys. I love where I am and I know I wouldn’t be here with out you guys. Thanks for investing your lives in me.

We have loved being a part of Christ Community Church. I really feel like this is a church that is honestly trying to make God the focus of everything we are doing. I say trying because we are human and we suck as people so we will fail, but we are trying.

Camille gave birth to our first child on April 24, 2006 at 6:26pm. Aidan Levi Slaten. He goes by Levi and we LOVE that kid to pieces. He has been a great source of joy and craziness. The joy has been from FUN times; the craziness has been from the long nights and fussy periods.

It has been a great year in some ways and a really hard in other ways. I have seen how much I need Christ. I have seen even more how GREAT that need is, these last couple of months. I really don’t want to type everything on here but I will just say, in this life things hurt our hearts and it takes time to heal those hurts.

And as you see in my blog below I just got my new guitar. I would have never dreamed of owning a guitar so nice. I LOVE IT. This morning when I played it during worship, it sounded as good through the sound system as it does acoustically. Read my blog below.

Finally, my hopes for the year to come (in no order).
1) I would like to build some relationships with non Christians
2) Spend great time with my boy
3) Continue on this great journey of a great/loving marriage
4) Get more involved in our community
5) Go away on a vacation.
6) Continue to see how deep my need if for Jesus


Matthew said...

HBD bud.

Seems like August is birthday month.

Papa, Judy, you, Joey and Brooklyn. BAM BAM

Hope you had a great day!

Aaron said...

thanks buddy! its crazy how many Aug. birthdays there are. my dads is Aug 27th. crazy times.

Jim said...

tell a brotha when your birthday is...

Aaron said...

sorry jim. my brithday is Aug 13.