Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ode to Johnny Cash

ok so this song isn't for or about Johnny Cash but the music sounds like a song he would sing.
gadsby hymnal 352

the moon and stars shall loose their light
the sun shall sink into the night
both heaven and earth shall pass away
the works of nature all decay

but they that in the Lord confide
and shelter in His wounded side
shall see the danger overpast
stand every storm, and live at last

what Christ has said must be fulfilled
on this firm rock, believers build
his word shall stand, his truth prevail
and not one jot or tittle fail

his word is this: poor sinners hear
believe on me and banish fear
cease from your own works bad or good
and wash your garments in my blood


Jim said...

johnny cash's song God's Gonna Cut You Down...

ersatz said...

are you working on music for this? has it been done before?

Aaron said...

i got this from the gadsby hymnal and i have written music for it. i will get it on here once i have a half decent recording.