Friday, August 18, 2006

Is the organ an out dated lone instrument for worship?

Yes. Ok so maybe I just pissed some folks off by saying that but I totally think it is out dated. Hear this 1st: I do think an organ can be used to lead people in musical worship. But the question I would ask folks is what part of culture do you see an organ being used? Here is some History of Organs (just for fun):
The First organs were used in ancient Roman circus games. The organ dates back to classical antiquity. The earliest organs were hydraulic. They began as portable instruments and later became a sit down instrument. Because of their portability, they were used for the accompaniment of both sacred and secular music in a variety of settings. During the Renaissance and Baroque eras the organ became an instrument capable of creating numerous tonal colors, both unique and imitative. So basically like every instrument the organ has evolved over time and have been used in all types of music

It’s’ funny as I looked up things on wikipedia this is one thing it said about churches with a worship leader: The Christian churches that are led by a worship leader during musical worship tend to be the churches with growing population Coming out of the older, more traditional forms of doing church, church congregations were interested in finding a way to make what was considered, by many, to be dull into an exciting way to praise God.

As I am writing this I see that I am not totally being clear and that I am combining many different thoughts. But here is my main thought I would like to chat about here.
I feel like organs do not play a role in our culture. I would say there is a small piece of our culture that loves the sound of organs. The heart behind me writing this is, while I was cutting grass today I was thinking about why churches with “traditional worship” only, are declining in attendance. Side note what makes organ worship traditional? Honestly isn’t there older music than organ music? And what makes a song worthy of singing? (Most would say content but the reality is that it must be old and in a hymnal)

I confess my preference is involved in this blog but if you can show me where in our culture you an organ, I will start to consider an organ not being out dated. And I don’t want you to send me some obscure cd or random website that says that they love organ music. I want you to prove to me that an organ is not out dated make me see that as many folks that buy/download Christina Aguilera’s new double CD. I want to know it plays a part in our culture today.
But for now I will say the only reason folks have an organ only in their church is that they feel like other music is not sacred and that is a personal preference issue.

This all probably made no sense but I was thinking about this so I wrote it down.
Till next time.


Robert Prusa said...

I would tend to agree that it is silly to keep an organ in church when it is not in any other music that is out their today. Course the stuff we play at church is not exactly 96Rock either. You can't completely dis the organ, as we would not want to forget the B-3 Hammond organ that is in alot of popular music. Course no one in our church, that I know of, can play like Bernie Worrell or Reese Wyans. Oh to have Worrell jammin on the keys in church that would be sweet. Course I guess I am the only one who knows who that is, oh well.

Aaron said...

you are right about the B3, i like the B3 just as much as the next guy we just don't have one...yet. I was more refering to the pipe organ or the wanna be pipe organ.

Brian T. Murphy said...

the organ is fine. it is still used in theatres, broadway productions, etc. and robert pointed out the B3. the issue is not so much the organ, as much as no one plays organ anymore. it used to be a common instrument that people played well, like piano or guitar today.

but today there are so few organ players, and what you have in churches are really bad organists playing poorly. it's bad art.

that's why I don't like organ music.