Friday, August 04, 2006

fun times with my boy!?

just a fun story...well it was not fun while it was happening. camille went to get her hair done today, it was her birthday. so she leaves at 2:15 when Levi goes down. by the way he always sleeps from about 2:30-4 everyday. so we both felt like i would be able to work while he slept. well 3 o'clock comes around and he starts to cry on and off for 10 min. so then at 3:10-3:15 he never stopped crying. so like a good dad i went and picked him up. i calmed him down and laid him back down. well that did no good. he the proceeded to cry from 3:17-3:30. so i picked him up and calmed him once again. i knew there was no way at this point that he was going back down, and i also knew i had work to do(i was working on a graphic for our vision casting night). so i sat down at the computer and with one arm created the graphic.
i did really enjoy sitting with Levi and i do love my son. i had work i had to do at home and he was making that hard. But i will love being with him as he grows up. i know this is just the beginning of of our journey and i am going to do my best to equip him to give his life away. thats all for now.
one more thing, we went to the pool for the first time with Levi...good times. thanks Joanne.

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