Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally here

So on December 27 2005 I ordered a custom Breedlovee C20 and on August 10th 2006, I got my new guitar. And it lives up to everything I dreamed that it would be. It has Redwood top and Koa back and sides. The Koa is almost 3D, when you move it in the light it looks like it’s moving. The reason I am so excited about this is that I would have never dreamed I would own this guitar. Maybe to some of you this seems lame but for me it’s like getting a new house , a new car, or maybe for some of you home theater to play your play station on. I am SO thankful that my bride is supportive of me getting this guitar. It would have been easy for her to not want me to spend the money on the guitar but I am so blessed to have a bride that wanted me to have this beautiful instrument. Also, thanks to Glen Wilson you worked me a GREAT deal on this guitar. If ANYONE is interested in getting a breedlove you need to call me and I will get you in touch with Glen. I would have NEVER (and I mean that) bought a custom Breedlove had I not met Glen Wilson.
So what makes this guitar so great?
It has an extremely balanced sound. You get all the lows with out being a dreadnought or jumbo. The highs are bright but not tinny. When recorded it is mind-boggling how full the sound is.
I am thankful that God has allowed me this pleasure to own such a great instrument. Maybe this sounds lame to some of you reading (which I have no idea who reads this) but I can’t get over the fact that I have this guitar, Kinda like when Camille walked into the sanctuary to become my bride, I couldn’t believe she was choosing me to live the rest of her life with me. I am not saying that I love this guitar as much as I love my bride, I am just saying like my amazement of how phenomenal my bride is, I am amazed at how great my guitar is as well.
Don’t leave me a comment about loving my guitar more than my bride cause it is not true.

Oh yeah one more thing, I am excited about what God is doing in the hearts of the people in our church. Please pray that God will continue to push each of us to live missional lives in Oconee County.


Jim Pharr said...

17 "You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor."

or your former youth minister's new guitar...

Rob said...

I have a Breedlove Northwest - I got it 18 months ago. I have to say, it is my most prized earthly posession. I have greatly increased and improved my guitar playing because I finally have the guitar I always wanted. I struggled with spending that much money on a guitar, but it has truly brought me joy. Enjoy your instrument. To paraphrase Eric Liddel: "when I play, I feel God's pleasure..."

Aaron said...

jim: you can come to athens and play my breedlove anytime you want.
Rob: nice to see you on the blog. breedloves are wonderful things!!! i am glad i am n ot the only one who loves playing their instrument. and i would agree with Eric Lddle.