Wednesday, August 23, 2006


This is not all of it, just parts that i am working on and that minister to me.
Gadsby 941

Jesus, my Lord, my Life, my All,
Prostrate before thy throne I fall:
Fain would my soul look up and see
My hope, my heaven, my all in thee.

Here in this world of sin and woe,
I’m filled with tossings to and fro;
Burdened with sin, and fears oppressed,
With nothing here to give me rest.

I long to hear thy pardoning voice
O speak and bid my soul rejoice
Say, “peace be still; look up and live;
Life, peace, and heaven are mine to give.”


Jim said...

you wrote that? wow, man, you've progressed so much! keep it up bro!

Aaron said...

i didn't write it, its something i am working one from a hymnal that isn't used much. sorry if my blog was miss leading.

Brian T. Murphy said...

nice text, aaron. glad to see you using the gadsby!

let me know what you get. I'm very interested to hear it.

jim said...

it wasn't i just can't read good