Friday, July 21, 2006

what does it mean to love

so tonight i sit here thinking about levi growing up and what can i do as a father to lead my family in a way that will keep us off dr. phil or jerry springer. and i honestly have no idea. i have some friends that have been great parents and their kids are mean and selfish. i have other friends who have been really removed parents and yet their kids seem giving and caring. i just don't know what it is. as i am reading the bible i feel like the best i can do is pray that God would show me who he is. i mean if God is love that what i need, i need to be able to be more like Christ. my issue is i know i am going to fail levi, and i am ok with that. my issue isn't in failing him, its how I rebound from failing him. he has to see me as a man admit i am wrong and make my wrongs right. so yeah my prayer tonight is that i will not be the normal father and camille would not be the normal mom. that God would take our pride away and allow us to look more like him, love. i want to know what that means, and once i know, i want to live it.

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