Friday, July 21, 2006

one more thing

well tonight camille ran to publix to get some meet for a lasagna, which means levi and i had so me father son time. (we have a good bit of father son time but most of the time camille is here) so anyway. we are haning out on the we do...and he was laughing at me. i put my hands on his checks and said :levi i love you" and let out the biggest laugh, then i said it again and he let out another big laugh. i now he has no clue what i said to him, but i think he is figuring out who i am, this moment today made me excited about him growing up. i am so pumped to see what will happen with levi. i hope he loves Jesus and gives his life away to others.
anyway we are enjoying levi and enjoying my t time off this week. i have had a very productive week, i have cut grass, and cleaned out the garage and we went to see Christine Holland, and i am working on writing some stuff.
i will be out in b-ham next week with the church staff, doing some visioning, and praying. pray for us while we are away. it really feels like God is doing something awesome. its so awesome that God uses folks like us to do great things for him, so cool.

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