Thursday, July 13, 2006

how? when?

what a blessing it is to be used by a great God. i mean i know me and i know that i am not the best guy AT ALL...lets be honest i am a miserable sinner. BUT i have a savior that died so when the one judge looks at me, all He sees is a person that is saved by the blood of Christ. but tonight what is on my mind isn't how and why did Christ die for me(which is crazy and something that maybe this blog should be about) but tonight i am thinking about how great it is to know folks that love Jesus. and i ask my self how am i so lucky to have invested in their lives and now can see how GREAT our God is.
1st i want to tell you about one of my favorite people in the world. her name is Katie Gronewald, aka gro. i met her when she was in the 8th grade, she walked into the office with a friend wearing overalls and a red hat, she was a normal 8th grader but i had no clue how amazingly God would use her. as the years went on, gro was apart of my brides d-group and we became much closer with gro and she started working for the youth ministry that i helped direct. we invested our lives into gro as she went through high school. Her senior year she went to romania in april, mexico in june and africa in july. gro got it. she realized that God had called her to give her life away and she is getting it. now she is a sophomore in college and in april she went to the czech republic and just spent 4 weeks in an orphanage in Kenya. i mean she lived in an orphanage with kids that most of them had lost their parents to AIDS. she loved on these kids and i honestly couldn;t be more proud of her. i have always viewed her like a daughter( i know am not her dad and don't pretend to be, i just feel protective) and i must say i couldnt be more proud of the woman that God is making her into. Gro i know you will never read this but i pray that levi will be able to learn from you and give his life away like you do. camille and i love you grover and couldn't be more proud of you!

second there are these two fellas that are going to be juniors in high school and they are in ghana africa. i have had the chance to spend a bunch of time with both of these guys. and to give you an idea about who they are Ryan is the most well read 16 year old i know, and davis is the most passion ate 1th grader i have ever met. i love these guys. they get it. we are called to give there lives away. guys if you read this i am so proud of you and pray for you daily.

so i started with 2 questions(kinda) how and when?
1) how am i lucky enough to know these folks and 2) when are more people going to get it?
1) God is good 2) when we see God for how GREAT really is.
thanks gro, ryan and davis for living out the gospel. so proud to be a part of your lives!

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