Monday, July 17, 2006

hold on

i feel like thats been my thought for a long time now. hold on, its gonna get better. and you know what it doesn't always get better. people never seem to change. here is my thought: we have to realize that people are going to let us down and treat us like crap. BUT there comes a time when you can't hold on anymore and wait for them to change, because some people never will. so maybe there has to be a time to let go, other wise they can do damage to who you are.


Matthew said...

I'm glad God is not like this!

After reading your post I'm reminded of Peter's life. Boy did he blow it. To be a disciple and then to deny his Rabbi Jesus, wow!?!?

Then I think of my friend Parker who has been working on this one guy just about the whole time I've known him. There are moments where we think he's going to turn his life around and start following Jesus and then he's back to his old ways. Parker sticks by that friend and keeps pursuing him because I think he believes that is what God does.

God pursues us before we ever wanted or desired to pursue him. You know this. Before we even thought about Jesus, he died on the cross to restore us back to the way things were intended to be.

My prayer for you is that you'll never let go, because Jesus does not let go of you.

Aaron said...

i agree it's nice God isn't like this. i am thankful in 1 million ways that God is perfect. I am not totally redeemed BUT Christ is redeeming me and the rest of the world.

Matthew said...

Yup, amen ;)