Friday, July 28, 2006

the greatness of different opinions

B4 you read this let me remind you i stink at grammer so get over that b4 you read this.
its funny, ya know how we don't realize how different we all are. i mean, i think we feel like everyone is on the same page as we are and if they are not they are not a real, Christian. ok some of you are like "i know we don't all agree" but sure we all agree about Jesus, loving people, not eating babies(where did that come from???), not beating your wife, not stealing from people but what if we disagree about stuff like...abortion, gay marriage, the president, sex(i mean some people just are not fans...they are crazy but ya know), smoking tabacco, should it be allowed to smoke your bong anywhere anytime??? i mean when we disagree about things that are taboo.....well do you have anyone in your life that you would say you disagree with on these issues? i think some Christians can be pompous because they wont be friends to anyone who differs on these opinions. by the way you "christians" holding your signs about how "God hates fags" and telling the to "turn or burn" your method isn't working so STOP making me look bad.
here is what i would ask do we as Christians live out the gospel by only being who think and live just like us?
if the gospel is here renew and redeem EVERYTHING then shouldn't we be loving on the folks that have different views than us? i mean wouldn't you think folks would be more likely to change if they have a relationship with someone that loves them, instead of someone who hates them and condemns them? i am just thinking about it. i have had a good conversation with a great friend, and i am glad we can have different opinions and still have a great friendship. i just want to say that the gospel is bigger than any of us and my prayer is that it will change each of our lives.
those are my thoughts.

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