Friday, July 28, 2006

the greatness of different opinions

B4 you read this let me remind you i stink at grammer so get over that b4 you read this.
its funny, ya know how we don't realize how different we all are. i mean, i think we feel like everyone is on the same page as we are and if they are not they are not a real, Christian. ok some of you are like "i know we don't all agree" but sure we all agree about Jesus, loving people, not eating babies(where did that come from???), not beating your wife, not stealing from people but what if we disagree about stuff like...abortion, gay marriage, the president, sex(i mean some people just are not fans...they are crazy but ya know), smoking tabacco, should it be allowed to smoke your bong anywhere anytime??? i mean when we disagree about things that are taboo.....well do you have anyone in your life that you would say you disagree with on these issues? i think some Christians can be pompous because they wont be friends to anyone who differs on these opinions. by the way you "christians" holding your signs about how "God hates fags" and telling the to "turn or burn" your method isn't working so STOP making me look bad.
here is what i would ask do we as Christians live out the gospel by only being who think and live just like us?
if the gospel is here renew and redeem EVERYTHING then shouldn't we be loving on the folks that have different views than us? i mean wouldn't you think folks would be more likely to change if they have a relationship with someone that loves them, instead of someone who hates them and condemns them? i am just thinking about it. i have had a good conversation with a great friend, and i am glad we can have different opinions and still have a great friendship. i just want to say that the gospel is bigger than any of us and my prayer is that it will change each of our lives.
those are my thoughts.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


can pain go away? well i am gonna say yes. but what does it take? to day i learned this definition: when the of the kingdom breaks into time and space to redeem and renew EVERYTHING. so yes, pain can go away it just takes a great movment!!! and that movement is the gospel. and wow i need it.

Monday, July 24, 2006


well i know that superman has gotten mixed reviews for the most part so i am gonna give my opinion. i really liked it. i really felt like it was true to superman and really did a great job telling a story. i think the more i see what Christ did for me on the cross and what the implications of that is, the more i see him in our culture. we all need a savior. we can fight it but its true we all need a savior. i think we are fascinated with the super heros because we all feel a need for a super hero to come and save us. so yeah i liked superman.

Friday, July 21, 2006

what does it mean to love

so tonight i sit here thinking about levi growing up and what can i do as a father to lead my family in a way that will keep us off dr. phil or jerry springer. and i honestly have no idea. i have some friends that have been great parents and their kids are mean and selfish. i have other friends who have been really removed parents and yet their kids seem giving and caring. i just don't know what it is. as i am reading the bible i feel like the best i can do is pray that God would show me who he is. i mean if God is love that what i need, i need to be able to be more like Christ. my issue is i know i am going to fail levi, and i am ok with that. my issue isn't in failing him, its how I rebound from failing him. he has to see me as a man admit i am wrong and make my wrongs right. so yeah my prayer tonight is that i will not be the normal father and camille would not be the normal mom. that God would take our pride away and allow us to look more like him, love. i want to know what that means, and once i know, i want to live it.

one more thing

well tonight camille ran to publix to get some meet for a lasagna, which means levi and i had so me father son time. (we have a good bit of father son time but most of the time camille is here) so anyway. we are haning out on the we do...and he was laughing at me. i put my hands on his checks and said :levi i love you" and let out the biggest laugh, then i said it again and he let out another big laugh. i now he has no clue what i said to him, but i think he is figuring out who i am, this moment today made me excited about him growing up. i am so pumped to see what will happen with levi. i hope he loves Jesus and gives his life away to others.
anyway we are enjoying levi and enjoying my t time off this week. i have had a very productive week, i have cut grass, and cleaned out the garage and we went to see Christine Holland, and i am working on writing some stuff.
i will be out in b-ham next week with the church staff, doing some visioning, and praying. pray for us while we are away. it really feels like God is doing something awesome. its so awesome that God uses folks like us to do great things for him, so cool.


well i am on vacation and i think i have made this my excuse for staying up late. but there is one problem, i am staying up later but i am not sleeping later. i really hope this doesn't bite me in the butt.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Psalm 73:25-26
Whom have I in heaven but you?
And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.
My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength[a] of my heart and my portion forever.

i want this to be my song.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

not about you

i think this is a lesson that's hard to learn in life. i mean how often does someone look at you and say "it's not about you." here is the thing, when someone hears that what are you supposed to tell them? well today i got to hang out with some friends that get it, they have given their lives away and realize that life isn't about them. now please don't hear that their lives are perfect but that they get that life is about giving it to other folks. i would like to say to us all life is not about our homes, cars, dogs(yes i know we are crazy about our dog), jobs, having 5 nights a week at home, school, grades, anything but giving our lives to the mission that Christ has called us. so yeah its not about you or about me.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

bring us joy

hear o Lord, and answer us
for we're poor and needy
gaurd our lives, for we are yours
you are our God, save your servants
who trust in you
have mercy on us, Lord

bring us joy
bring us joy
for to you, Lord
we lift our souls
bring us joy
bring us joy
for to you, Lord
we lift our souls
bring us joy

teach us your ways o Lord
and we will walk in your truth
give us undivided hearts
that we may fear your name
for great is your love for us

this comes out of psalm 86
i am working on putting something together for it. i need a bridge still.
this is a picture of a child from Ethiopia, i thought in her eyes you see hope and joy. that in the dark or in our time of great need there is hope and only true joy can come from God.

good article

scripture tends to be ignored in worship gatherings all over the US. it tends to be about music, some good stories and scripture may be brought in for a small showing. i applaud the churches who see scripture as the way God reveals Himself to us and because of that conviction the place scripture at the front of everything done. here is the article: click here

Monday, July 17, 2006

hold on

i feel like thats been my thought for a long time now. hold on, its gonna get better. and you know what it doesn't always get better. people never seem to change. here is my thought: we have to realize that people are going to let us down and treat us like crap. BUT there comes a time when you can't hold on anymore and wait for them to change, because some people never will. so maybe there has to be a time to let go, other wise they can do damage to who you are.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

how? when?

what a blessing it is to be used by a great God. i mean i know me and i know that i am not the best guy AT ALL...lets be honest i am a miserable sinner. BUT i have a savior that died so when the one judge looks at me, all He sees is a person that is saved by the blood of Christ. but tonight what is on my mind isn't how and why did Christ die for me(which is crazy and something that maybe this blog should be about) but tonight i am thinking about how great it is to know folks that love Jesus. and i ask my self how am i so lucky to have invested in their lives and now can see how GREAT our God is.
1st i want to tell you about one of my favorite people in the world. her name is Katie Gronewald, aka gro. i met her when she was in the 8th grade, she walked into the office with a friend wearing overalls and a red hat, she was a normal 8th grader but i had no clue how amazingly God would use her. as the years went on, gro was apart of my brides d-group and we became much closer with gro and she started working for the youth ministry that i helped direct. we invested our lives into gro as she went through high school. Her senior year she went to romania in april, mexico in june and africa in july. gro got it. she realized that God had called her to give her life away and she is getting it. now she is a sophomore in college and in april she went to the czech republic and just spent 4 weeks in an orphanage in Kenya. i mean she lived in an orphanage with kids that most of them had lost their parents to AIDS. she loved on these kids and i honestly couldn;t be more proud of her. i have always viewed her like a daughter( i know am not her dad and don't pretend to be, i just feel protective) and i must say i couldnt be more proud of the woman that God is making her into. Gro i know you will never read this but i pray that levi will be able to learn from you and give his life away like you do. camille and i love you grover and couldn't be more proud of you!

second there are these two fellas that are going to be juniors in high school and they are in ghana africa. i have had the chance to spend a bunch of time with both of these guys. and to give you an idea about who they are Ryan is the most well read 16 year old i know, and davis is the most passion ate 1th grader i have ever met. i love these guys. they get it. we are called to give there lives away. guys if you read this i am so proud of you and pray for you daily.

so i started with 2 questions(kinda) how and when?
1) how am i lucky enough to know these folks and 2) when are more people going to get it?
1) God is good 2) when we see God for how GREAT really is.
thanks gro, ryan and davis for living out the gospel. so proud to be a part of your lives!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Love Lusters at Calvary

Enlarge my heart,
warm my affections
open my lips
supply words that proclaim "love lusters at Calvary"
there my sin was removed by grace
that sin laid on the Son, made a thief by my sin
and cursed for me
there we saw you for all you are,
where full atonment was made
and in that atonement we were enriched in every way

Let us not lack, let us not fear
but let us eagerly await the day you appear
keep us strong and blameless in your sight
find us faith full to the mission you have called us
to give our lives away, let us give our lives away

Saturday, July 08, 2006


No eye has seen
No ear has heard
No mind conceived
What God has, prepared for those, who love him

If Jesus were not my redemption
I would sink down to hell
If Jesus were not my sanctification
All sins I should commit
O when will I have your mind
When will I look like you
And see all this world offers is nothing compared to you

No eye has seen
No ear has heard
No mind conceived
What God has, prepared for those, who love him

As God redeems the world he’s made
We fight to remain the same
When all is clean and holy to Him
My heart will know His heart
O how I long now for that day
For our minds to see you plain
Cause all this world offers is nothing compared to you.

Monday, July 03, 2006


this year it all changes...isn't that what we always say? i am referring to my lack of success when it comes to fantasy sports. i have only won once in any of the football/baseball/pick'em anything i have pretty much SUCKED at them. so this year starting with football i am coming with thunder. beware...i mean i am gonna try a bit harder which isn't hard since i haven't spent hardly any time on this b4. here i come you fantasy sport players.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

my boys

check out my fellas!
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