Monday, June 05, 2006

what often follows I'm sorry

ya know people often say they are sorry, but its is often followed by the reason they did what they did, which often makes it your fault. like: i am sorry i broke your glasses in the box, it was hard to get to because where you put it and i tripped over the garbage you hadn't taken out. ok maybe that elaborate but its close to what happens. i remember i broke about 5 candle sticks and 5 glasses of my friends when i was helping to move them. after i let a nice word, i just looked at him and wanted to give every reason why it happened and how it wasn;t my fault but the bottom line is that i was in the wrong i broke his stuff. I just looked at him and said i am so sorry. i didn't have any anything else. i was rushing the move.
i use this long story to say, i just hate it that people often just don't say they are sorry and mean it.the things that makes an apology take is when change occurs due to that apology. just say you are sorry for breaking the glass and move on. take responsibility for your actions and don't miss place blame.

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