Monday, June 12, 2006


well as i was eating lunch i watched a bit of the world cup. and while i was working out i watched a bit of the world cup. matt shared with me a story about being Ireland and how the people were just crazy about it. i remember one year in Mexico i could sit out on the porch of my room and hear people through the town yell at there tvs and shoot guns off when Mexico scored(seriously, they shot off guns). i mean people are IN LOVE with this sport all over the world. but me i am not. i don't enjoy to play it i don't enjoy watching. and honestly i hope levi never wants to play(if he does i will support him, but secretly i will be bummed) anyway as much as i dislike the sport, just watching it on tv i could feel the passion of those at the game. i could feel the magnitude of their team making it to the world cup. i watched Ghana and Italia(i know that's Italy but that's what their jackets say) walk on to the field holding a kids hand to begin the game. fans were going crazy just to see them stand on the field, they were not playing, they actually were not doing anything but they were going nuts. i am sure many of you know where i am going with this but when i saw the passion these people possess for their team i could not even begin to see a similar passion for Jesus Christ. I really want my life to sing "YOUR name and YOUR renown are the desire of my heart" Isa 26:8 and Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to YOUR name be the Glory." Ps. 115:1. i learned this week that people would sing psalm 115 on their way to worship. my prayer is that my life would be lived like the life of a soccer fan, sold out(man i sound baptist) to the one who set me free from the bondage of sin.


Matthew said...

Interesting take. People with a passion and joy for Christ are very magnetic.

It is also written in the bible that we will praise God with our lips and then by our very same tongue curse our neighbor. It seems to me just a matter of fact.

I'm holy, but need to be reminded that I'm only holy because Jesus makes me holy. I can one moment be doing this great thing for God and in the next breath be damning Him.

I think the heart of an unrivaled passion for Christ is one center on knowing forgiveness and security within Christ and Him alone. Or atleast that's what is tossing around in my heart here lately.

Robert Prusa said...

I would be so nice for us to live with an outward passion for Jesus like that of sports in this world. Any Georgia football game really shows how we suck as Christians in that we do not show what we love or show love like we should, you can spot a Georgia football fan (or hear) them from way off. On another note soccer is one of my favorite sports. I love being able to watch real soccer (as opposed to the MLS) on US tv. Aaron you are missing out. Course it is not popular to like soccer or shall we say futbol around here so I understand taking the easy way out, hehe. If anyone reading does plan on doing foreign missions and wants to be relevant you better know some soccer, oh and not call it that.

Aaron said...

Robert: in my 10 trips to Mexico and 2 trips to Romania my lack of love for soccer has not stopped the chance for ministry. but ya know tahts just 12 foreign trips of experience: )

Matthew said...


I have a question for you about your comment. Do you think it is right to judge our response to God based on worldy situations?

I've been thinking a lot about how I associate human attributes to God, like forgiveness. Human forgiveness has only a limited reach, where God's is endless. It is wrong for me to try and understand God's grace when I'm comparing it to something far inferior, like my grace.

So the question is, can we then judge our response to God based on how the culture responds to a football game?

Aaron said...

you said"So the question is, can we then judge our response to God based on how the culture responds to a football game?"
the answer no. nor can we say we understand Gods love by the closness and deep love shared in marriage. However they are our small attempts to express or put a picture to our love for God or our deep passion for something like a football/soccer game.
we can try to ascribe to God his worth but its merly a try and we can try to share with one another how great he is but its still just an effort. we are flawed people trying to describe an unflawed God. impossible.

Matthew said...

I tend to find that people judge people by people standards, duh? I also tend to find that we judge outcomes and responses based on the "best" situations or outcomes more often than not.

I also tend to find that we do not celebrate the small successes in life, but tend to be slanted towards the negatives.

It's like when you plan a big event and only 24 people show up and you wonder, where is everyone? I wish our perspective would be, man we got 24 people here to celebrate with and that's awesome instead of asking where Joe cool guy is.

Atleast we aren't booing God like we boo our teams?

Aaron said...

we do basically boo God with our lives. and we are a fallen people and we need Christ to rearrange our way of thinking but the bottom line is that we are flawed. we need God, bottom line, we have a GREAT need.

Matthew said...

I'm not fallen, I'm holy. I'm not a sinner, I'm righteous.

I think we're having a handfull of conversations with this one comment thread, but we're hitting on some good ideas.

Yes we all have a great need, we need to be restored with our Creator and that path is provided through Jesus.

I'm understanding what you are saying about our reactions to things that will not last as opposed to our reaction to God. I just wish that you pastor people would tell people more of what God truly thinks about us than calling out and judging our responses. I'm more apt to respond to God when I feel empowered to do so.

Aaron said...

you are sinner made holy through Jesus but you are a sinner. we are fallen made holy through the sacrifice of Jesus. Gal 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. Christ living not us. it has nothing to do with anything we do or want to do. i feel more empowered and free when i know someone rightous and holy and live throgh me.
honestly it kinda chaps my hide that you would call me a pastor guy and say that i need to not call people out, you have read your bible, you have listened to rob bell, you know Jesus was offensive. in john 6 Jesus says he was the bread of life (which Ceasar said pior to Jesus) (i am sure you heard that Bell sermon)ah screw it we are not gonna see eye to eye on this one and thats fine. its just a difference in how we see God's act of redemption. the main reason it bothers me is i do have a deep need for Jesus, i am a man with unclean lip and live among a people with unclean lips and need rescue. and i do think it happens once BUT i am not a finished product so i still need Jesus to form me into who we wants me to be....wait didn't i say i was done typing. later.
ps and i am not rereading this because i suck at grammer and typing and writing so i am gonna watch phil play some golf.

Matthew said...

Give me one verse where Jesus calls me a sinner.

It's just a mentality kick I may be on but I'm trying to focus more on what God calls me now that I've accepted his grace through faith and not what people from the pulpit call me.

Sinner is such a negative image, it creates a cycle. If I know I'm a sinner and I know that I'm always going to be one then I have the perfect setup. You've read Bell, you've read his story of the guy who had this system.

I like it when he says the part about if pastor's would tell people more about who they are in God's eyes that they would not have to spend so much time telling them what to do.

Passion for Jesus is not always expressed outwardly, you know this. I'm not critizing you or your job, but you do have more responsibility than I do in this and I think you should and probably do consider that when you speak of our response to God in comparison to wordly things.


Matthew said...

Oh and sorry if you were offended by my "pastor people" comment. I don't think that was necessarily aimed at you but people who fit that image or the image I had in my mind at the time rather.

Aaron said...

written to young church leaders:
1 Tim 1:16But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his unlimited patience as an example for those who would believe on him and receive eternal life.
James 4:8 written to a 1st centry church:
8Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

just a couple, these are not in red, but the are all from Jesus.

God the father does see us as spotless redeemed with Jesus, however we are still sinners, if not there would be no need for repentance and maybe you feel no need for repentance since you were called by God, but i see repentace as a huge part of my life. the closer i come to jesus, i see him as SOOOOOO much more holy than i did in the begining,
would you say that we are a depraved people, and that there is nothing good inside of us from birth? and that the only good in us is Jesus? and do you think that there is a need for repentance?

Matthew said...

I think you are twisting what I'm trying to say here. Of course there is need for daily repentence and reliance on Jesus, I'm working out my faith just like you are, we all are.

There is, was and always will be a seperation from God until that bridge is gap'd through the acceptance of the sacrifice Jesus made, the only sufficient one I might add too. I affirm all these things.

My tangent got started on this mentality that we are "sinners." Sure that may be the case but once I come into a relationship with my Rabbi Jesus, he does not look to me like that. He calls me friend, holy, righteous. I am holy because he is holy in me. I boast only in the Cross and Christ crucified.

Everday there are things in my life that I can see that God wants to take over, those "rooms" of my heart, those "areas" of my life. It's a process of working out the salvation that God has started in me and the path that I am on to become the person God intended for me when he first set this thing in motion.

You gotta understand Aaron that I did not grow up in church but when we did start to get into things everyone always told me how bad I was and that just always stuck in my mind. Who and what I think about God has been shaped by those misteachings of the scriptures and so I'm affected to this day by thinking that God sees me a certain way. If I'm always a sinner saved by God's grace then what's the point? I know I'll always fall short, but there has to be more and that is where the truth comes in. Jesus calls us out, puts a new identify inside of me, and I just never knew that. Walking in that new humble light that brings forth all new raw emotions and freedoms for which Christ set me and you free is liberating and joyful. Life has taken on a whole new perspective for me now that I can learn and see that God thinks pretty highly of his creation, and because of his Son we are restored to Him.

Let's not forget that I'm coming from a perspective that commentary is good, sharing is good, questioning is good. I too affirm with Bell that the pastor's teaching is only the first word on the subject. The pastor starts the discussion, not has the final word.

You started this discussion, it's paired off into some conversation and let's let it be productive and not counter productive and devisive here. But then again I could be reading into your words and you into mine.