Sunday, June 18, 2006

my 1st fathers day

well today was like any other day...kinda like your birthday, you get a few cards, people tell you happy birthday/happy fathers day. don't get me wrong they are both nice but neither of them make me feel as tho i am this is the day that i am loved and that what happens for me today shows me how great i am as a dad. 1st i will say i am not much of a dad right now, i mean for real i soothe a levi when he cries, i work so he has a place to live, change diapers and i ....yeah not sure what else i do at this age. down the road is when i really become a dad. matt said something interesting n church this morning, well it was a question,"when you die what do you want people to say about you as a parent. and here is what after listening to the sermon(wasn't about dads) and really what we talked about a few months ago at church, my goal, well goals:
1) i want my kids to know i love Jesus
2) i want my kids to know i love their mom
3) equip my kids to give themselves to 3 relationships: with Jesus, christians, and the world

levi i bet you will never read this but if you do, buddy you have a journey ahead of you, enjoy it. i hope you love Jesus, and i hope you go all over the world to tell people about the sacrifice He made for you.


Christine Holland said...

Aaron and your family are absolutly the cutest thing I have ever seen. You are such an awesome dad and I am so proud of you and your wonderful wife and I cant wait to meet your adorable son! Love ya Slaten Family!!

Matthew said...

Congrats cuz! Beautiful picture.

jim said...

yeah yeah... great dad... UPDATE! I NEED YOU!

Matthew said...

I've been meaning to say this...

There is a reason why we write on white paper and usually with black or blue's because it is easier on the eyes to read!

Change your website layout para mi porfavor! ;)