Wednesday, June 14, 2006

long shots

well tonight i had the chance to shoot some long shots after our deeper foundations class at church. the deeper foundations is a class on theology, i am working on my masters, my professors are Dr. Adair, Dr. Bryant, Dr. Selviage, Dr. Hunt and Dr. Hope. I should have my M.Div in 9 weeks...its intense...and i am a liar. i am in the class not for a masters but for knowledge and none of the teachers are doctors. so anyway...i took some LONG shots and made a bunch ok just 4 and missed like 30. and then i got stomped by Justin and Michael at shooting 3s. good times tonight.
i would love your prayers as i am working on writing a bunch of new songs. I feel like God is giving me many parts of songs and no complete songs. my buddy Justin is writing stuff as well. our heart is to write stuff that is singable for the church. i would be grateful if you would pray for us while we focus on that this summer. thanks. anyone else that writes i would welcome Christ centered lyrics. hala.

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Robert Prusa said...

I don't know who michael is maybe you mean matthew??