Saturday, June 24, 2006

the boy

ya know where does it go? I mean one day we love being young and love being very silly and fun but then the next we are a grown up and afraid of being who God created us to be. i am not sayinng i miss my butt being cleaned for me(not that i remember that) but just i miss us just being able to have fun with out worring about someone trying to be funny and make fun of someone. i mean who give us the right to tell people what is normal. who are we to treat them any other way than as God's creation? i mean how many issues do you and i have? man i know i have a TON! i was watching my sweet son sleeping on his moms chest before he eats for the last time b4 he goes to sleep and i was think about how right now hee just lives. he eats, poops, sleeps, cries and LAUGHS. wouldnt it be niice if life was that easy? but no we have to come with our inflated egos and make life hard. man has sin made life so hard! my prayer is that God would change our hearts toward people and that we would really be transformed by the renewing of our minds, and see the glory of our creator work through us. sorry for the random rant but as i see my sweet boy i am just thinking about how much i hope he will grow up and love Jesus. so yeah thats all for now.


Anonymous said...

From the one that wiped your fanny:
I look at this picture of Levi and see you when you were that age. It's a blessing to have the guardianship and care of the little ones that God gives us. Sin is all around us but God knows that and is in control.
Enjoy Levi now because one day you will be at his college graduation saying something like I said; I remember when he graduated from kindergarten and they announced that when Aaron grows up he wants to be an Artist, I looked at his Dad and said oh dear he can't color in the lines and we laughed. Aaron you have accomplished more important things than coloring in the lines, your heart for God and your ministry is doesn't surprise me because I knew you could do anything He called you to do even if it were coloring in the lines.
I love you and miss you,

Anonymous said...

You may not be able to color in the lines, but you can sing like no one else I know. I love this picture of Levi. Whoever took it has a little artist in them! Be good. We love you!