Thursday, June 29, 2006

i am one of them

i am one of them, one of the broken
i am one of them, one of the wounded
i am one of them, one who is in need
i am one of them, yes i am one of them

but somehow you have called me from darkness into light
why did you choose me?
how can you love someone like me?
the wounded, the broken, the one in need

i am one of them, one who's betrayed you
i am one of them, one who denies you
i am one of them, one who nailed you to the cross
i am one of them, one who nailed you to the cross

because your love is greater than my sin
your passion for your glory is larger than my dreams
give me a memory, a memory of your presence
that i might remember and know the sweetness of you.

(some of the thought behind this came from valley of vision)
(i am not sure what i think about this right now but its what i have written today)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


ok so this picture is of my boy the other day sleeping, i wish he was sleeping that well right now, he is screaming at the top of his lungs. when he is out, he is OUT. i mean nothing wakes him. I wish i could sleep like that. i really wish i could go to sleep fast for once and not think about 1 million things. anyway new subject: here are some thoughts on worship,
well these are somethings that have been on my mind lately: thinking about our outward do we judge/create the ways that we show our affections? is it judged by scripture? should it be? i mean david danced with out all of his clothes..i mean not that i dont think that could be fun but would that be worship for me? if you don;t know the answer is no. i do think scripture tells us how to worship but i also think scripture tells the story of many different people. (please don'tleave me the comment about worship being our lives, i know that, I am not talking about that i am specifically talking about our response to musical worship. ) i got the new hillsongs album about 3 weeks ago (matt i saw you got that album) i like the cd and i loved the DVD from the last cd but this one i struggled with while i watched. at one point these students have a mosh pit. could that be an act of worship? i am not so sure. i feel like our worship is our response to the greatness of God. i am not sure how a mosh pit brings Glory and attention t o Jesus. I am not saying mosh pits are wrong in general but i do not feel like they have a place in worship. i love the heart behind worship music but as many folks say that slam "contemporary" worship i feel like so often it can be totally me focused. i think there is a need for some of that but not all of that. as i am working on writing songs i am really trying to make sure that everything i write points to Jesus and how fortunate i am that he extends His grace to me.
as i started this blog saying Levi was crying, he has just gone down to sleep which means this blog was paused about 10 times and took 2 hours to write. sorry this is really choppy and may not make much sense nor is it even a complete thought.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

the boy

ya know where does it go? I mean one day we love being young and love being very silly and fun but then the next we are a grown up and afraid of being who God created us to be. i am not sayinng i miss my butt being cleaned for me(not that i remember that) but just i miss us just being able to have fun with out worring about someone trying to be funny and make fun of someone. i mean who give us the right to tell people what is normal. who are we to treat them any other way than as God's creation? i mean how many issues do you and i have? man i know i have a TON! i was watching my sweet son sleeping on his moms chest before he eats for the last time b4 he goes to sleep and i was think about how right now hee just lives. he eats, poops, sleeps, cries and LAUGHS. wouldnt it be niice if life was that easy? but no we have to come with our inflated egos and make life hard. man has sin made life so hard! my prayer is that God would change our hearts toward people and that we would really be transformed by the renewing of our minds, and see the glory of our creator work through us. sorry for the random rant but as i see my sweet boy i am just thinking about how much i hope he will grow up and love Jesus. so yeah thats all for now.

Friday, June 23, 2006

so proud

its funny how God uses his children to influence others for his glory. i say this because of the blessings i am seeing knowing that God has put a heart to serve in students that i have worked with. 3 students are working for student life, 1 at a camp for physically challenged kids 1 at pine cove, a good handful at Kanakuk, 1 in Kenya in and orphanage, 2 going to Ghana on thursday...and really the list goes on. its so cool that God gave me the opportunity to be a part of these students lives. my prayer is that God will continue to encourage me to give my life away for his glory.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

my 1st fathers day

well today was like any other day...kinda like your birthday, you get a few cards, people tell you happy birthday/happy fathers day. don't get me wrong they are both nice but neither of them make me feel as tho i am this is the day that i am loved and that what happens for me today shows me how great i am as a dad. 1st i will say i am not much of a dad right now, i mean for real i soothe a levi when he cries, i work so he has a place to live, change diapers and i ....yeah not sure what else i do at this age. down the road is when i really become a dad. matt said something interesting n church this morning, well it was a question,"when you die what do you want people to say about you as a parent. and here is what after listening to the sermon(wasn't about dads) and really what we talked about a few months ago at church, my goal, well goals:
1) i want my kids to know i love Jesus
2) i want my kids to know i love their mom
3) equip my kids to give themselves to 3 relationships: with Jesus, christians, and the world

levi i bet you will never read this but if you do, buddy you have a journey ahead of you, enjoy it. i hope you love Jesus, and i hope you go all over the world to tell people about the sacrifice He made for you.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

long shots

well tonight i had the chance to shoot some long shots after our deeper foundations class at church. the deeper foundations is a class on theology, i am working on my masters, my professors are Dr. Adair, Dr. Bryant, Dr. Selviage, Dr. Hunt and Dr. Hope. I should have my M.Div in 9 weeks...its intense...and i am a liar. i am in the class not for a masters but for knowledge and none of the teachers are doctors. so anyway...i took some LONG shots and made a bunch ok just 4 and missed like 30. and then i got stomped by Justin and Michael at shooting 3s. good times tonight.
i would love your prayers as i am working on writing a bunch of new songs. I feel like God is giving me many parts of songs and no complete songs. my buddy Justin is writing stuff as well. our heart is to write stuff that is singable for the church. i would be grateful if you would pray for us while we focus on that this summer. thanks. anyone else that writes i would welcome Christ centered lyrics. hala.

for love of the game

check out matts blog today about soccer:matts blog

Monday, June 12, 2006


well as i was eating lunch i watched a bit of the world cup. and while i was working out i watched a bit of the world cup. matt shared with me a story about being Ireland and how the people were just crazy about it. i remember one year in Mexico i could sit out on the porch of my room and hear people through the town yell at there tvs and shoot guns off when Mexico scored(seriously, they shot off guns). i mean people are IN LOVE with this sport all over the world. but me i am not. i don't enjoy to play it i don't enjoy watching. and honestly i hope levi never wants to play(if he does i will support him, but secretly i will be bummed) anyway as much as i dislike the sport, just watching it on tv i could feel the passion of those at the game. i could feel the magnitude of their team making it to the world cup. i watched Ghana and Italia(i know that's Italy but that's what their jackets say) walk on to the field holding a kids hand to begin the game. fans were going crazy just to see them stand on the field, they were not playing, they actually were not doing anything but they were going nuts. i am sure many of you know where i am going with this but when i saw the passion these people possess for their team i could not even begin to see a similar passion for Jesus Christ. I really want my life to sing "YOUR name and YOUR renown are the desire of my heart" Isa 26:8 and Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to YOUR name be the Glory." Ps. 115:1. i learned this week that people would sing psalm 115 on their way to worship. my prayer is that my life would be lived like the life of a soccer fan, sold out(man i sound baptist) to the one who set me free from the bondage of sin.


well b4 i write this let me make sure it post

Saturday, June 10, 2006

not to us

I just really want to ask anyone that reads this one question: can you realy say to Jesus "not to me, but to your name be the glory"? i am guessing no one can. i want that to be my heart. join me and lets pray that God will mold our hearts to where our desire is the same as his, His Glory.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

the one we have waited for

the picture has nothing to do with the post, i just like it of me, my boy and my dog. anyway...i have spent a lot of time singing "this is our God" by tomlin this week. we are singing it sunday and i love that line "this is the one we have waited for". ya know we really do fill our lives with things that are a waste, as we seek fulfillment. and Jesus is the one we are waiting for. and ya know we are not alone, scripture is full of people waiting, david talks about waiting on the Lord, Isa. is full of prophecy of a coming King. Jesus is the fulfillment of all of our desires:

A refuge for the poor, A shelter for the storm,This is our God.
He will wipe away your tears,And return your wasted years,This is our God.
Call upon His name he is mighty to save,This is our God

A father to the orphan,A healer to the broken,This is our God.
He brings peace to your madness,And comfort in our sadness,
Call upon His name he is mighty to save,This is our God

This is the one we have waited for, This is the one we have waited for.
This is the one we have waited for, Jesus Lord and Savior

A fountain for the thirsty,A lover for the lonely,This is our God.
He brings glory to the humble,And crowns for the faithful, This is our God.
Call upon His name he is mighty to save,This is our God

Monday, June 05, 2006

what often follows I'm sorry

ya know people often say they are sorry, but its is often followed by the reason they did what they did, which often makes it your fault. like: i am sorry i broke your glasses in the box, it was hard to get to because where you put it and i tripped over the garbage you hadn't taken out. ok maybe that elaborate but its close to what happens. i remember i broke about 5 candle sticks and 5 glasses of my friends when i was helping to move them. after i let a nice word, i just looked at him and wanted to give every reason why it happened and how it wasn;t my fault but the bottom line is that i was in the wrong i broke his stuff. I just looked at him and said i am so sorry. i didn't have any anything else. i was rushing the move.
i use this long story to say, i just hate it that people often just don't say they are sorry and mean it.the things that makes an apology take is when change occurs due to that apology. just say you are sorry for breaking the glass and move on. take responsibility for your actions and don't miss place blame.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

another prayer request

i would ask that you would pray for my friend Katie Gro. She is in Kenya, Africa for 6 weeks. She is having a great time on her trip. check out her blog and keep up with her and pray for her. thanks we miss her. here is a picture of Katie and Levi.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

the romance movie

here is my question: do romance movies do man kind any good? i say no. see, the movie the notebook is on tv and honestly everytime my bride sees this movie she weeps. i would assume many women would do the same. my issue with these movies isn't that they make folks cry but that the movies give a false sense of what love/romance is and should be. i am not a bitter guy that doesn't see the need for romance of and for his bride. I am just someone that thinks people need to have realistic expectations as to what it is that people are capable of doing. I mean how many times in life are you in a boat on a pond with thousands of ducks with the person of your dreams. and then on the way in it starts to rain and then life turns into a great sex scene? its not realistic. there are great things that we can do for our marriages however i don't think that movies help us. I honestly think the romantic comedy is soft core porn for teenage and well all women for that matter. maybe we need to start a rehab group called RCA: Romantic comedy anonymous. its soft core porn...Ladies you need help

Thursday, June 01, 2006

i have a great need

i am just saying that God is showing me very clearly that i really need Jesus. Ya know we walk through life thinking that life is something we can figure out/conquer. well i know that is a lie. the issue is the only way that i can make it through this thing called life with any form of sanity and hope is if Jesus allows me to have the hope of what is to come and the pleasure of honoring him with my life. something different:
i want to throw a prayer request out for my friend Christine. she is a rec leader for student life, and i am sure she is doing great and i just asking you to pray for her that she will have strength to invest her life into all the kids she meets and ministers to. here is a picture of her. later