Tuesday, May 16, 2006

why i am not an oprah fan

well may reasons
1) when she interviewd the cast of friends, she asked AT LEAST 4 time "who was going to cry the most" every time they said Jenifer, it go SO old.
2) she makes all of her friend rich...well maybe thats a good thing
3) she tries to be spiritual with no backing just a general spiritualality.
4) she SLAMMED someone for saying that their husband completed her(i will come back to this one)
5) she kept saying "woo tom" when she interviewd tom cruise
6) like tyra banks she talks different to white people than she does to black people
7) she spent WAY to much money on her birthday party...millions.

so back to #4 so she has never been married because she never wanted her husband to be able to just change his mind and leave her. then this lady is talking about how great her husband was and how he completed her. the ophra and her conselor jumped this lady and said he doesnt complete you he adds to you. you can't be completed by a man.
ok well i agree that the opposite sex can't make you whole only Jesus can. But the lady wasn't really acting like she found her identity in her man just that she felt like his gifts that he brought to the table filled in the blanks where she was lacking.
thats what she was supposed to think. God gave us different roles to play and hopefully we can help our mate in areas where they lack. I am not saying i find my completion in camille but i think God uses her to refine me and she is part of Gods plan to complete me.
i mean i could never and i mean never handle the responsibility of being a mom. and thats why need her.. and she needs me for other things. we are completed in Christ alone but just because you have a fear of marriage don't slam someone for feeling like the person they are married to brings alot to the table and makes up for the places where they find thm selves lacking. i am just not a fan of oprah.


Matthew said...

Hey Aaron,

A good friend of mine said something that may be applicable here. He said, "it's hard to judge something when you do not value it." I think you are correct is some of your statements, but in reality does Oprah have the right to judge marriage, and the completion of man or woman that may or may not take place?

We are all rich, we are Americans after all. You've seen this displayed across the world and know first hand how blessed we are. So Oprah may be blessed, but it's kind of hard to pass judgement on her in some of your statements if you have not lived a similar life.

I know I tell myself all the time that if I just had this much money or this much of this thing then I could do... It's all hogwash, I am blessed and able to help others. Just a little here or there and we can shape the life of someone else.

Keep on blogging, I love to read others' insights.

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