Tuesday, May 09, 2006

well i just spent about 20 min writing a blog then i closed out my browser by mistake and WOW does that stink.
I basically said this...i wanted to be more like Jesus. missional. i want to be a part of this world and not live in a box called the church. i want to be a part of the church that loves and has a heart for the lost. i am excited to see God do some cool things in our church community in the next year.
on to something new.
my boy just had a huge fit. 1st he had to burp(that took 20 min. the he had a diaper that needed to be changed but i didn't know that because i checked it right b4 he burped. so we spent 45 min crying. and i must say that was AWESOME.
but now he is asleep and life is good for him and camille is totally exhausted!
so yeah. thats all i got for now.


Will said...

Hate it when that happens. Great talking to you. Really miss ya man. See you in a year, when i drive up there. Or when you visit if ever down here. Still in my prayers, raise that boy of yours just like you raised all of us.


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