Saturday, December 30, 2006

I am shocked how long this is:

The documentary that made me think:

So I watched part of a documentary called "All We Are Saying" about the music industry. NOte, i only saw the secong half.It was done by rosanna arquette, and I actually enjoyed it. She went around and talked to musicians about why they do what they do, how it affects their family life, what they love about music and really any random thing about music. The oddest people were Tom Petty and Yoko Ono(like that’s a shock). Neil Crosby cried/teared up discussing how he doesn’t get to see his family enough and misses them. Sheryl Crow talked about how music always surprised her, and how the writing process was something kinda crazy. Some random lady I had never seen or heard of said music makes you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. Andre 3000 said you know when you write something that will be great because its like something/someone else is writing it…like magic. Boy George said it was a way to be the center of attention and express himself honestly…I will say I think he gets attention and expresses himself just fine. Willie said he must love the road he can’t get off of it. There were many more that I could mention but I wont.

My thought/question is what is it about music that grabs everyone? I mean everyone. I found myself hearing their stories and hearing some of my own voice. I am one of the few musicians that doesn’t perform. I play weekly with some friends but it not for people to listen to. Its not for me to feel good about myself for my musical gifts. I play to lead some of my friends in singing songs that have lyrics that have one single person at the focus. Lyrics that tell a story. They tell the story of a Savior that has come to be our “great salvation”
So as I play these songs something magical (ala Andre 3000) happens. I don’t think it has to do with the lighting, nothing to with the peoples clothes on stage or the amount of people in the room. I believe the “magic” is the fact that we get the fact that we are not alone when we sing. We sing “you are the everlasting God” not just to tell God he is everlasting but to remind each other, we sing “It is finished , hear the dying savior cry” to let our fellow believers know because of Christ death, burial and resurrection, that they have been declared righteous and there sins were and are atoned for. (that’s a run-on sentence and I don’t care) We sing as a body of believers and we grow from that, we grow from each other.

It is no secret that I am not a fan of the use of an organ for the primary instrument during worship. How ever there was one Sunday(my 2nd Easter at FPC, it was David Jones’ 1st Easter, that might land mark it for some of you) and the Organ started “A mighty fortress is our God” and as the choir entered singing the congregation joined in to sing:
A mighty fortress is our God,
A bulwark never failing;
Our helper He, amid the flood
Of mortal ills prevailing;
For still our ancient foe
doth seek to work us woe;
His craft and power are great,
and, armed with cruel hate,
On earth is not his equal.

That word above all earthly powers,
No thanks to them, abideth;
The Spirit and the gifts are ours
Through Him Who with us sideth;
Let goods and kindred go,
this mortal life also;
The body they may kill:
God’s truth abideth still,
His kingdom is forever.

As we sang that day I had goose bump/chill bumps/holy spirit bumps whatever you call them (I prefer goose bumps) all over my body. I mean the body of Christ stood together and said “Let goods and kindred go,this mortal life also; The body they may kill:
God’s truth abideth, still,His kingdom is forever.”
Man I loved that Sunday, besides Youth Sundays, a few REALLY funny solos, and my last Sunday, that Easter stands out as one of my favorite Sunday mornings at FPC.

So I ask myself what is it about music?
It’s bigger than me and my guitar, its bigger than the lyrics and chords on a piece of paper. That’s it. Its Bigger. There is something that draws me in, something that awakes my soul, it tells me I am not alone and most importantly gives me hope.
Please do not read this and think I am saying music is more important than scripture, I hope if you are someone who knows me and is reading this knows that is not my heart.

So yeah, that’s all for now. I am off to finish my latest butt kicking by Vijay Singh and then to bed.
And then another great day of being a dad, husband, and thankfully a musician.

Sorry this is so long, I had something on my mind. And I an to sleepy to proof this whole thing, sorry. i will proof it later.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Well here are some things that have shocked me this Christmas(well the past few days):

1)The Wii much cooler than I thought it was. If I had another $150 in gift cards I would want to get one. I know that’s shocking, but I was at Daniel Floyd’s tonight and we had so much fun with it.
2)Our Christmas tree stayed up with out any reinforcement. 1st time since we have been married.
3)Levi likes to eat wrapping paper. Well he puts anything he can get his hands on in his mouth. But he loves wrapping paper.
4)Started reading Well’s books “above all earthly power” I think its gonna be good. I just started it 2 days a go and I am a slow reader, so I am not to far into the book.
5)Tiger Woods 2007 is much harder than the last Tiger Woods I had.
6)My friend Ryan Kennedy is in Ghana, not shocking I just wanted to throw that out for you to pray for him.
7)My friend Gro wants to raise money to buy a Van and computers for an Orphanage in Kenya. That’s shocking because she is a broke college student and that means God is going to have to pull this one out.
8) I love the smell of a real tree. Something cool because every year I feel like it’s a lot to do a real tree and then we get and I like it.
9)Best gift for Christmas…not sure so many good ones
10)I started to like Christmas songs by the end of the Christmas season.
11)Levi said his 1st sentence. On that’s a lie.
12)I love my boots, super comfortable.
13)I wish I owned 10 Breedloves, O wait that’s not shocking at all.
14) I am going to be taking piano lessons.
15)I love spending time with my son. He is one of my favorite people in the world. I just love him, that’s on my shocking list only because I couldn’t have thought I would enjoy him this early in his life.

Yup, that’s it for now.
I may add a pitcure later.

Monday, December 25, 2006

When the lights went out in Watkinsville

Well, last night I went to the restroom in our half bath down stairs. Man this is already an amazing blog. There is a small window in that bathroom that looks out into our back yard. Its fairly huge…well large, its about 1.5 acres. It was so dark. Often the moon lights up the back yard but not last night. Pitch Black. Then I walked out the front door and notice that it was super dark out there as well. Then I walked inside an my living room was lit by the lights from, the tree. Levi’s gifts were all laid out in front of the tree. One thing stands out to me about this Christmas. Its not about me being with my sweet boy, my incredible bride, the gifts I will be getting and giving, it is about holding on to hope that life will be better one day because Christ is redeeming and renewing everything. The saddest part is that most things wont be redeemed this side of heaven. Find hope today, life will get better.
Merry Christmas to all.

Friday, December 22, 2006

all i've gotten and given

So here is a list of my favorite Christmas gifts in no particular order:
1) Money, I mean that is always a winner. Last year it helped me get my new guitar.
2) One Christmas a bunch of families went in to give me and Keith and gift. It was a CHUNK of money. That was incredibly kind.
3) One year I got a glow in the dark really fast electric train. Very cool. It would go so fast, climb the wall, again very cool.
4) The farthest back Christmas I remember is one of my favorite memories of Christmas. I remember walking into the living room and seeing a “return of t he Jedi” desk and a GI JOE blow up tent. I know there were a few little things on the desk, but I loved the tent and desk.
5) Game Cube. Ok so come of you already questioning me and you know what I don’t care. I was dating a girl for 5 months and she surprised me with a game cube. Which had all the games I would want to play. I was shocked. Great gift from my now bride.
1) North Face Fleece, pasta bowls. I went over our limit but I am glad I did because that was the year she got me the game cube.
2) Jeans. Bought a friend some nice jeans. Good surprise and good gift.
3) Gift card. One time I got to give someone a $100 gift card.
4) Once for a white elephant gift I gave bubbles that I had left over from a wedding. FYI they were in a Moe’s cup. All the gifts that day were nice so when the lady go the cup she thought it was a gift card, so when se got the bubbles she was PISSED. I laughed so hard I cried.
5) One year I surprised Camille with a new Baby G-Shock watch.

Moral of this blog….Man its hard to remember all that you give and get for Christmas. Doesn’t that say something? Gifts are not what Christmas is about.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


interesting post on black America in Esquire here

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ramble of the day

1) I found my first Watkinsville restaurant that I think I will become a regular at. It is named after my friend Katie. It is called “the big easy”
2) I am excited about our Christmas services.
3) Carrie Kennedy is Levi’s sugar momma, and he loves it.
4) I kinda want a wii. I know some of you think I am a loone but it would be great when we have folks and students over.
5) I need to cut my yard, I have delayed this for months. Some weeds grow year round.
6) Ian has a man crush on Bill. Not really but man he loves that guy.
7) Our tree is very pretty this year.
8) Camille and Gro’s cookies were the best I have tasted in their 5-year tradition.
9) We miss Gro and hope she will move to Athens/Watkinsville when school is over.
10) I wish I took more time to learn more about taking great pictures.
11) Ear molds for me soon
12) I love guitars. I think I have a problem…I just want more. Mark S. just got a new Martin and I feel like hmmm maybe I want a Martin.
13) I am so glad Camille doesn’t want house to be lit up like the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation house. I am just not into having a lighted house. No offense to those who have gone all out, its just not me.
14) I never knew that there was such a thing as un-cut videos. I have never seen one but VH1 did a special on them. Again it shows me how deeply depraved we are.
15) Santa….not doing it. Don’t hate.
16) The Sammy Carmike Trio look out for these guys, they crack me up. much love to Jimbo.
17) I can’t make myself go see the Nativity. Just can’t do it.
18) How is Micheal Bolten still around, I just saw a commercial of him having a new cd…strange, good thing he cut the hair!
19) How/Why in the flippin world did New York get a reality show? D. hunt knows what I am talking about.
20) I love my job, and there is one big reason, we are all going the same direction, that is making Jesus known.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Windows Vista

This just fuels t he fire for all of us Mac snobs.
click here for a video by a writer from the NY Times.

Friday, December 15, 2006


So tonight we were in down town Athens, before I had band practice, and honestly I loved what they did with the town for Christmas. They put lights in all the big tall trees. It looked AWESOME. I really like it downtown and wish I could spend more time down there. I really just like being in a down town feel. I like walking around, eating outside, walking rosie, holding Camille’s hand pushing Levi in the jogging stroller, and enjoying a cool night. I loved talking to random people about our dog or about our baby. I want to find ways to get out in Watkinsville and do the same thing. Not sue how but I am determined to figure it out.

We are also done with everyone’s Christmas but mine, but I cant think of anything I want. Money is the best gift for me, because I randomly find what I want and usually don’t get it because I don’t have the money. But I will say there are those moments when people come up with a random winner.

So in closing I would like to say I like fluffy puff marshmallows.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Was King David Gay?

1 Samuel 20:16-17
16And Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David, saying,[c] "May the LORD take vengeance on David's enemies." 17And Jonathan made David swear again by his love for him, for he loved him as he loved his own soul.

ok so i don't think David is gay but man for all the homophobes out there this is the "man after God's own heart" LOVING another guy.

we discussed this tonight at youth and i was surprised how few folks felt like the relationship and Johnathan seemed strange in the chapter more than anything we have read so far in 1 Samuel. Andy did a good job leading the discussion, good job pushing us towards community.
so yeah, thats it for tonight.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Rant of the day:

So what is a Rant?
rant:to speak in a very loud, aggressive, or bombastic way, usually at length and repetitively
Definition is thanks to Encarta® World English Dictionary
So to night I change my Rant of the day to Ramblings of the day.
Ramble: to have, follow, or proceed along a winding or often changing course
1) Stars. Wow do we get to see millions in our back yard. It is amazing.
2) I love the song “God rest ye merry gentlemen”
3) Third Days Christmas CD is better than I would have thought
4) Macaroni Grill might be underrated.
5) I don’t know what I want for Christmas.
6) I am sick of fantasy football…why you ask…because I SUCK at it.
7) I love me some Steve Mcguire, even if I can’t spell his last name.
8) Vestal, where in the deuce are you? I know I need to call you.
9) How about Matt’s awesome comment about Crack houses, and Whore houses. NICE.
Seriously I loved it!
10) I am so ready for an Aviom system.
11) I honestly would love to see MPC tomorrow. I miss my favorite Pizza.
12) Our next 2 services are gonna be great. Songs will be fun to do.
13) Les, I doubt you read this but I miss you bro and can’t wait to play together
14) my/our Christmas tree SUCKS up water.
15) Still spending a ton of time in Jittery Joes
16) Sleep, I am starting a new bed time tonight. No later than12, 5 out of 7
17) Community groups, we have a great one, if you are not in one at your church I
hope you can plug into one and invest into people and be invested into.
18) How many years can falcons continue to have a greatly hyped team and still not
make it to the big game?
19) Youth group did the peppermints in buttermilk game last week. Good times.
20) YHC, great memories, to bad most people there are doing to many drugs
21) i want to go back to Jamaica. And we will go when Levi is older.
22) Amanda is going to meet Oprah. I would ask her why she SUCKS at interviewing
people and why she ask people the same question over and over
23) The fire in the sky is a small glimpse of the light to come when the father
comes for his own.

That’s enough for now.

What is to come?

I thought i would tell you guys what is coming on my blog.
1) a new rant that includes christmas shopping, and eating out with a baby.
2) Christmas, why we need it.
thats all i want to write about right now.
so look for something soon...maybe even a rant later tonight.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

this took guts

So Dave Barnes made this video and i must say it takes many guts to do a video like this and be a musician. check it out here.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

one reason Christians get a bad rap

this is a girl at a pro-life rally. If i were going to have an abortion this girl would stop me....from goinng to that particular place. man some christians hurt themselves by not loving the culture and sharing truth in love..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

band practice and GH

Well practice went well tonight. After we had practice we went to D Floyd's and played guitar hero for about two and a half hours. I just got home i am still wanting to play. i ate a bowl of frosted flakes at 6 and now its 12 and i need to go eat. i just wanted to say guitar hero rocks. i cant want to actually be good at it.

help me by Cash

Lord, Help me walk
Another mile, just one more mile;
I'm tired of walkin' all alone.

Lord, Help me smile
Another smile, just one more smile;
You know I just can't make it on my own.

I never thought I needed help before;
I thought that I could get by - by myself.
Now I know I just can't take it any more.
With a humble heart, on bended knee,
I'm beggin' You, please, Help Me.

Come down from Your golden
And throne to me, to lowly me;
I need to feel the touch of Your tender hand.

Remove the chains of darkness
Let me see, Lord let me see;
Just where I fit into your master plan.

I never thought I needed help before;
I thought that I could get by - by myself.
Now I know I just can't take it any more.
With a humble heart, on bended knee,
I'm beggin' You, please, Help Me.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

my new rant

I don’t think I have to many things to rant about today but here we go:
1) why would a waitress give you sass when you try and order everything as soon as she walks up to the table? she is the one that took 10 min. to come to your table, I memorized the menu.
2) man I love the Cracker Barrel, every time you go in one it feels like going home.
3) I spend way to much time at Jittery Joes to never drink coffee
4) Forwards, now who started these? I get about 10 per week from all different people. If you are one of those people, don’t send them to me, I don’t read them. If Levi had an email and sent it to me, I wouldn’t read it. I hate forwards always have, and unless Jesus writes me one I always will hate them.
5) Speaking of Levi, he is a different kid when he is sick. I mean my boy needs Jesus.
6) Athletes I can’t stand: Barry Bonds, NY Yankees, Shaq, TO, Rasheed Wallace, Patrick Ewing, that’s enough for now
7) I am a Grey’s fan, and yes I call it Grey’s. and any of you folks that want to talk bad about Grey’s stop being lame and making fun of someone else’s enjoyment. I am not dissing your favorite football team that that lost to Vandy and Kentucky, or your favorite strange music, that you and your 2 friends listen to or that fact that you think you are cool/trendy/ a rebel because you don’t give in to the “man” and millions of others in the US that do watch Grey’s. I think writing is great and contrary to d.hunt these past episodes have not been all about sex.
8) I am sick of hearing about Brittany and K-Fed and Brittany and Paris.
9) this is my confession: I am struggling to learn these Christmas songs.
10) 2 national championships in 4 seasons, not bad!
11) I wish we had a hand full of $ to add a room on the back of our house.
12) this weather is perfect
13) our sound system is getting better
14) look out next winter for a CD from me and my friends in Watkinsville
15) loved our call to worship 2 weeks ago Isa 55:1-3
16) i wish MPC was here
ok maybe I had more on my mind that I thought.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rant of the day:

1) I hate grocery stores during holidays. I literally had a lady cut me off with an eat crap and die look on her face.
2) I love not having traffic everywhere I go.
3) I wish I would’ve seen sooner
4) Christmas songs suck to lead. I love singing them, but man they are not fun to play on the guitar.
5) I cannot stand the Chic-Fila on Atl. Hwy.
6) some people need to hear themselves talk, my question is why?
7) Some people don’t like to sleep, LEVI.
8) my bride is the most patient person I know, and has shown that this past week with
9) Mark Millers CD is getting better every time I listen to it. His website will be up soon. Website
10) Mark also owes me big for giving him Bluster. I mean big, that gal can WALE.
11) I love that Jesus says “come buy and eat with no money at no cost.”
12) I love it. That is REEK at fantasy football. I mean I am awful and I HATE it.
13) I don’t like any of the songs I am writing right now.
14) I want to go to Africa.
15) I think this whole blog thing is strange.
16) I can’t believe its Christmas time,
17) I still love my Breedlove.
Yeah that’s all for now.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

This is love:

So some people ask the question, What is Love? I know now.
Levi has been sick these last week and a half. Which has been NO joy for us. We have been giving him some medicine that had made him better until the day before Thanksgiving. It all got worse. Thanksgiving day he was ill, we got 2 hours of sleep, the day after grumpy but better, then today another step in the right direction. We have been bathing him in some vapor shampoo for his sinuses. He hadn’t enjoyed baths these past couple of days so I decided to take one with him. So I am taking a bath with my boy, I clean him off and then pick him up to finish him off and then hand him to his mom, he pees in the water. AWESOME. So I sit the the water finish cleaning him, rinse him and then proceed to wash myself off.
That’s love, sitting in your sons pee to clean him off. Man I would have never thought this would be me.
Ok so I had no intent on making this anything about Jesus, but I am glad he took on my crap, so that I can be clean.


It is so nice to know that God says "come" even when we in no way deserve it, and he will satisfy our needs.
"Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy? Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food. Incline your ear, and come to me; hear, that your soul may live; and I will make with you an everlasting covenant, my steadfast, sure love for David.” (Isaiah 55:1-3)

Monday, November 20, 2006


my friend Andy got engaged tonight. I was so excited to get a call soon after he hit is knee. here is why i was so excited. I have REALLY only known andy for the past 4 months. He helps out with students at church and is a part of our community group. we have hung out and i really like him and i look forward to getting to know emily better, and we wish they were able to stay around. it is coll to me how God puts people in our lives for certain times.
Congrats andy, we will be praying for you guys!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I think I want to vomit!

So a friend of mine sent me a link to this game and I must say I am so glad someone has figured out how to have the best life now. One problem: SIN and people that sin. I can see some people buying this game thinking they will figure out how to have the best life. But what happens when life doesn’t get better?

The other big thing that ticks me off about that he is doing this in the name of the Gospel. I honestly don’t remember reading Jesus saying “believe in me and you will have the best life now” because honestly I think life is a bit harder now. I DO think we as children of God, will have a better life than we can even imagine.

Maybe I am being close-minded. I think for now I am going to go out and buy the game so it can hook me up with the best life possible, NOW. I mean it cant be a waste of money to at least try it.

Prepare yourself, you just might be jealous of me soon. I am going to to have the best life possible, I mean as soon as I buy this game I will. I expect to solve some long issues in my life, get rich, pay off my house and Camille’s car, become the best dad ever, become a person that takes better care of his lawn, play guitar better than Jimi Hendrix, and finally become a someone who likes to exercise. And you know what I don’t think any of that is to much to ask, I just want the best life possible NOW!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


quote of the day

“The engagement of the heart in worship is the
coming alive of the feelings and emotions and
affections of the heart. Where feelings for God
are dead, worship is dead.”
(John Piper, Desiring God, 68)

Monday, November 13, 2006

rant of the day-

- $ there is not enough for everybody.
- sleep, I never seem to get enough…I think that’s my fault
- I am sick of hearing about k-fed and Brittany
- for some reason I like watching Hogan knows best
- ok I listened to Sufjan’s Christmas album to night and I really liked it!
- Kasey got in to Samford CONGRATS
- I love the sound of my guitar
- I am 11-1 in my second season and I am in 5th place CRAZY. Texas beat me by 7
- when in the heck is it going to really be winter
- I want guitar hero to come out for 360 soon

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Great morning!

So we have had our most consistent weeks as a worship team since February. I say that because it brings me much joy to see our progress over the recent months. What has made the difference? Well I think that we all are practicing more and are working hard at to put out the best sound possible. God has been great to us by allowing us to lead others in worshiping him. What an honor.

On a side note I had a great visit with the Bailey’s. I miss those guys and wish I had taken more advantage of you guys living right down the road.

Congrats to the Bath’s. God does do all things well. You are in mine and Camille’s prayers, and we look forward to hanging out when you guys get back in town.

I also never sent out a Congrats to my boy Adam. Congrats, I can’t wait to hang out with you guys.

SO I really am excited about what is happening in our church, I look forward to seeing what God is going to do through us in the coming years.

One more thing: I am sick of hearing about the elections. I know some people really think Bush is Satan and other people thought Clinton was, but I don’t care because they are both flawed men trying to do what they is best for our country. Regardless if you agree or not with the leadership of the country, shut-up. I am sick of people griping about democrats in the house and senate. I am also sick of people detesting Bush.

Some other random rants, to continue from the other night:
-I still hate the Yankees
-Where did the UGA bulldogs come from against AU?
-Rosie O’Donnell is pretty much not my favorite person
-Neither is Tom Cruise
-360 is better than advertised
-The Driver’s are one of the most talented married couples I know
-Bluster can flippen sing
-You can’t get much cooler than Bono
-Borat: are you kidding? The commercials don’t even seem funny.
-Maybe Chris Thile Thursday or guitar hero, not sure.
-GT is for real, even tho they looked bad this week.
-90210 is finally on DVD…I wont buy it but I thought it was funny.

That’s enough for now. I will rant more later.

Friday, November 10, 2006

whats going on in the world today?

So I haven’t blogged much lately and I really don’t have a reason. I have been a bit busy but not to crazy. So figured I would shoot a little love to the blog world.
So a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks:
Mr. Haggard confessed to sexual immorality with a man and resigned from his church.
The democrats won the house and senate. Republicans wont stop whining about how bad life is about to be and democrats wont stop gloating about great the will be.
Levi is walking….ok that’s a lie.
Macbook pro is one of Times top gadgets of 2006
Rutgers just beat Louisville.
UGA football has had a BAD season. Life is pretty sad around here in Athens. But honestly the college students really don’t care as much as I thought they would.
The weather feels like it’s almost summer.
Levi says Daddy…ok another lie.
I love my new guitar. Every time I play it I feel SO lucky to have it.
I still suck at fantasy football.
I am KILLING it when it comes to college pick’em.
I am excited about seeing my boy Joel and my friend Emma this Sunday.
The best pizza in the world is Marietta Pizza Company.
Mark Miller just came out with a great CD. I will let you know if its makes its way to itunes or someplace to buy it.
Levi is saying Mamma.
I am hoping to start recording a new record sometime early next year.
The way people communicate gets on my nerves.
I am going to start taking pictures, good ones.
Matt’s sermons are now on Podcast.
One of my best friends got married to someone I have never met, after dating for a week, ok that is exaggerated, but mostly true.
i hate hoover football, not really the players just the pecker head coach. Yes I said pecker head and I think I am being nice.
Favorite music right now:
Mark Miller All for love
Red Mountain Church: Help my unbelief
Watermark: Grateful people
Leeland: Sound of Melodies
Johnny Cash: American V
What Jesus demands: John piper- listing to it
Bible: 1 Samuel and John
Favorite food of the day
Gobbler from Locos
Chicken Biscuit-only one place sells the real chicken biscuits
Camilles Lasagna
Brittany left K-fed
Tupac is still alive..ok that’s my theory.
Homestarrunner still kicks tail.
That’s all I got right now. Have a good one.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

thoughts for today

So it has been a while since I have written, which means the few people that read this have stopped. But I will write any way.

I am now the parent of a 6 month old. That is CRAZY and I wanted to share a bit about what I am learning.
1) I am worse off than I ever thought I was. I mean, I think I thought there was large amount of good in me to make me/help me do good. I see that is a load. I am evil. But Jesus is hope for me.
2) I am not a capable worship leader. I am not a good enough vocalist or guitarist or leader. But Jesus gives me hope.
3) I am a selfish husband and father. But Jesus provides me with hope.

So yeah my main lesson is that Jesus gives me hope. I have many issues and given a choice I don’t choose what is good and right. I am thankful that Jesus is my good.
Ps. 103 1-5
Bless the LORD, O my soul,
and all that is within me,
bless his holy name!
Bless the LORD, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits,
who forgives all your iniquity,
who heals all your diseases,
who redeems your life from the pit,
who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy,
who satisfies you with good
so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

My prayer is that we would all find Jesus as the one who satisfies us with good.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Do I miss Marietta?

Do I miss Marietta? Yes and no. I will explain my thinking. I went to Marietta this past weekend to sing in a wedding. It was sad because I had to go alone since my boy has been sick. So I went to Erin Deere’s wedding alone. I had tons of time to think while I was gone. I had a great lunch with one of my favorite people in the world at my favorite place. I ate with Collins Roux at Marietta Pizza Company. We had a great lunch, she is such a great friend to me and Camille. I did see Meals/Mealor/ Laura whatever you call her, I was excited because we haven’t talked in forever. And yes meals I know that is my fault. That afternoon I hung out with a couple of my fella’s Rick and Davis. Those guys are great, they are really growing up. That night I went to the rehearsal for the wedding and then to the dinner. They played a great video at the dinner, and it got me thinking about what I want to be able to say to Levi at his rehearsal dinner. I wont take your time with all I hope to say to him but basically it consist of hoping he grows up to understand what it means to give your life away.
The next day I played 9 with Ryan Kennedy and was able to hear all about his great trip to Ghana. I look forward to seeing what God does in Ryan’s life. After we played we went back to MPC and then I got to hang out with his folks. Car and David are great I love them. Then I went to the wedding and saw Cyndi Mac and a few other folks. Great people….there is no one like Cyndi Mac. Then I drove home to my bride and sick boy.
What I wrote about is what I miss about Marietta, the people and the food.
What I don’t miss: meetings with no purpose or that do not accomplish anything, organs, committees, over booking rooms, traffic, passive aggressive people, traffic, logistics, not being home much, and traffic to name a few. I miss a lot more than I don’t miss. But I love where we are. I love our church, our friends our pastor and the music at our church. I mean I am not into guys but the worship leader is HOT. (FYI I am the worship leader, I just didn’t want someone who doesn’t know me to think I might like boys).
I just had time to think about Marietta so I wrote about some of it, hope it makes sense.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I wish I could have seen this

Could you imagine, walking in downtown(wherever you live) and seeing mobile clubbing?
that is the latest craze according to the daily mail. It is a news paper in the UK. That stands for the United Kingdom, it is not a reference to the SEC school, University of Kentucky.
check this article out: here.

Monday, October 09, 2006

what is to come

I do plan on unpacking more from the conference soon. sorry for the delay. I will try and get more up tomorrow.
FYI my boy loves his bogen and loves the wind. I love watching him grow up and I look forward to seeing him become a man.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

i am a dad and husband and love it

I just want to throw my bride some props. My boy, Levi, has had 2 bad nights this week. We think its just because he is teething. If Levi has a bad night my bride takes care of our boy. She is my hero for giving her life away to me and to Levi.
Last night it was about 2:30 b4 she was able to go back to bed after Levi woke up screaming at 1am. I am thankful she takes care of our boy since I have to work.

Being a dad is weird to me. I love my boy but it is just strange to see that I am Levi’s dad. It is so awesome when he looks at me and laughs….i think it laughs because he likes me not because I look funny.

Well, here is our happy family and yes that does include our sweet puppy Rosie.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

There is a reason

There is a reason that Mark Driscoll and John Piper get the respect that they are given. Read this exchange of emails of 2 men, acting like men, that love Jesus and are willing to fight for his supremacy in all things. Read this blog, click here.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Emergent Church

The Emergent Church is slowly making its way to becoming their own religion. Here is a quote from the Emergent website and then some things I think they are missing.
This is directly from the Emergent Village website:
We believe in God, beauty, future, and hope – but you won’t find a traditional statement of faith here. We don’t have a problem with faith, but with statements). Whereas statements of faith and doctrine have a tendency to stifle friendships, we hope to further conversation and action around the things of God.

By having no statement of faith they allow people to pretty much believe anything they want to in the name of friendship or not wanting to disagree. The next few things are all things that Emergent would most likely say are negotiable or not needed to be a Christian.
(these were given by Mark Driscoll at the desiring God conference and I am elaborating on them. Driscoll’s comments will be in bold)
1) Scripture as authority. If scripture does not have ultimate authority you are at the center of the universe not Jesus, who is at the center of scripure.
2) Sovereignty of God. God has dominion/power/rule/control over all things. Believing that Jesus does not have dominion over all things puts something other that Jesus at the center of all things.
3) Virgin birth of Jesus. With out the virgin birth you don’t have Jesus nor do we see Jesus as booth man and God.
4) Contend against Pelagianism- Pelagianism denies original sin and affirms the ability of humans to be righteous by the exercise of free will. Since I am saying we must contend against this type of belief I am saying Reformed beliefs are true. I look forward seeing if this one brings out comments
5) Doctrine of Hell. Jesus spoke more about hell than heaven. God is a God of wrath and there is a place where those who are not his children
6) Substitutionary Atonement. We are sinners and God hates sin. Which means God is totally against us as sinners but as Christians, Christ took our place and was our substitute for all of my sin. Through faith in Christ’ death and resurrection we have atonement of our sin. As Luther says “the great exchange”.
7) Exclusivity of Christ. There is/was/will be only 1 Jesus. And Jesus is the way the truth and the life. No man, woman, or child gets to the father with out Jesus.
8) Gender- God created both male and female and that is very good. Same sex relationships are viewed by God as sin, sin not negotiable.
9) Kingdom has priority over culture-Our 1st priority should be Jesus not being relevant or friendly or making people feel good about themselves.

I don't have t ime to write more right now, but feel free to comment and ask questions. I will do my best to answer. I only hope i made sense with all that I have said here.

Here is a link to the talks from this weekend.Link

Monday, October 02, 2006

So I have a lot to say.

I don’t really have time to write about all that is going through my mind rights now, but I thought I would give an outline of things to come:
1) I learned a lot about the emergent and emerging church movement this past weekend. That would include people like Rob Bell and Brian D. McLaren. I have seen how off the mark they are in some of their beliefs.
2) I feel like I see more clearly why Christ came and died.
3) 9 non negotiables. this video sets this up click here
4) We don’t want to go to heaven to be saved, but see his glory, which puts Christ at the center of everything.
5) Jesus wants us to enjoy God like he does.
6) For Levi: my goal is to show him how Jesus made him and that Jesus is supreme over all. Levi has gifts and should steward all of his gifts for Christ to be supreme in all he Does.
7) I am now a twins fan.

I had a great time with Matt Adair and Matthew Vestal at our MLB games. And I could not have asked more from the Desiring God conference. I missed my bride and my boy more than I can write and I am glad to be home. I would also like to go hang out at Brits tonight and cheer for the Twins, BUT there is no place like home.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

What i am hearing

This guy is blogging about the conference i am at. check it out here.

Friday, September 29, 2006

So I love sports!

Well, last night we went to a Twins game and had a blast. We were fortunate enough to see yet another last inning hero. Bottom of the ninth the twins tied the game with a homerun and then in the bottom of the 10th they won on a long single to center. It was a great game to be a part of. BUT there is a VERY funny story to go along with the game.

About the 2nd inning Trevor and Isaac show up to sit beside us, me specifically. I started some friendly conversation. Trevor was probably biracial and Isaac was ghost white with a red fro. They had started drinking at 5pm by sharing an entire bottle of vodka. Trevor is 39 semi retired, and a self proclaimed alcoholic. Isaac is 22 works, drinks to much, and was the life of the party. Bothe guys were very tipsy from the vodka when they got to the game. Some highlights were:
1) when the 3rd base ump said a guy did check his swing, Isaac started screaming at the ump, whose # he thought was #5. The he realized it was 50, oor 59 or 51. Finally he just screamed, “I don’t care what your number is I hate you!!” meanwhile our entire section is laughing. Trevor, Matt Adair, and Matthew Vestal are laughing so hard our stomachs hurt.
2) Our seats were right beside the Twins bullpen. The back up catcher for the Twins is Mike Redmon. Isaac walked over to Redmon and yelled “Hey Redmon, your not afraid.” Redmon looks up and Isaac says “Your not afraid. You’re an animal, your a wildcat Redmon, your not afraid.” Meanwhile Redmon is laughing along with the rest of us.
3) As I talked to Trevor about what they do normally, he said he gets up about 2:30 and watches some tv, his girl friend comes home, then they go drinking, but she hasto be in bed by 10 for work. He then looked at Isaac and said “I don’t Fing do anything man, I am a lazy ass, I drink to much, don’t really work, I don’t know I am just looking for answers.” Then he started laughing.

I have countless other stories about these 2 guys but I will not type them today because I don’t have the time. But we are a lot these new friends of mine. We are looking for answers and we all look in different places to find those answers. I hope one day to meet these guys again, maybe while we are here. I just would love to get to hang out some more with them and maybe get to share some of who I am. Here is a picture of Isaac, Kind of like a comic book character. So i love going to sporting events. I would have had to hang oout in a pub all night or go to a strip club to meet these guys. So yeah I love sports.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Part of the family

I know there are some of you out there that hate sporting events (BTM I still can’t believe you went to LSU vs. Auburn and hated it), but last night I saw why people love sports.
I was able to go to my 1st cubs game at Wrigley Field. The field was nothing-crazy special. NO big jumbo TV, no kids town, no side games…just baseball. I went with Matt Adair and Matthew Vestal. We showed for batting practice and sat with what felt like one big family.
Here are a few stories from the bleachers. To our left there was a guy celebrating his 30th birthday. Had partial Mohawk, and was at the game with 12 of his best friends. There was a family sitting right beside them with a boy that was about 9 years old. In the top of the 1st inning Mr. Mohawk told the kid that he AND his friends would give him 1 dollar for every cuss word they said. The kid started making a few bucks here and there, so Mr. Mohawk told him if the kid didn’t get 40 bucks he would give him 40 bucks. That was before the Beer got in their system. To make a fun/funny situation short, the kids made $125+ bucks last night. Mr. Mohawks friends were so funny as they all lost so much money to this kid. I feel bad for Mr. Mohawk last night because he probably woke up this morning pissed at himself because he lost 60 bucks to a 9 year old. It was so funny.

Story #2 is that there was a handful of Brewer fans at the game. Two them happened to be punks. We ran into them b4 the game and they were punks and they just continued to show their butts as the night progressed. Cubs fans were screaming the entire time at them and the YELLED back. The security basically told the guys that they were going to get ejected if they didn’t calm down. Oh, did I mention these guys had a flask with them on top oof all the beer they drank? It was pretty funny to watch the Cubs security ride these guys all night long. So it was my delight that the Cubs won the game in the bottom of the 9th.

I also had some amazing Chicago style pizza. I must say it was my favorite pizza I have ever had.

So yeah the Chicago trip was great. As I sat in the stands and watched people enjoy the game and each other I had the feeling I was at a family event. All these folks didn’t know each other, I know that, but it seemed like they all did. It was kind of what I think church should be like, nothing to fancy, just a bunch of people coming together because they love Jesus. That’s what Wrigley was too me, nothing fancy, just a bunch of people who love the Cubs.

Stay tuned for my story about the Twins game tonight.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What does love look like?

This is something I think we all differ on. I am not really wanting the obvious church answer Jesus, followed by John 3:16. I am asking you what does love look like to you? I just got back from vacation where my bride and I watch 27 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Now before I go any further, I don’t care if you don’t like Grey’s, so please don’t comment about Grey’s being a bad show or that you just don’t like the show. We like the show; we all have our guilty pleasures. SO, on we go….We watched the entire 2nd season and I kept seeing one theme that I think we all identify with. Love looks different to all of us. The characters in the show are exaggerated of course but they are all looking for love in all the wrong places.
Maybe I need to reword my question: where do you hunt for love?
Work? Most men in the world seek out meaning and love in the work of their hands.
Kids? Many parents need the love of their kids to survive.
Clothes, cars, house, guitars, your HDTV, friends: I mean it can be anything but we are all seeking to be loved by something. Sadly enough my guitar can never love me back the way that I think I would love for it to love me. Nor can Levi give me meaning.

I know the only satisfying thing in life is Jesus but why do we do everything we can to find something to get close to satisfying. To me I think this shows how deep our sin is. We search and search for anything to give us a small taste of instant gratification.

My prayer for us is that the light of Christ would get brighter in our hearts so we might see our sin more clearly and as we see that sin we might be changed by the deep love of Christ.

So maybe this blog doesn’t make sense. I am honestly not sure why I even write on this thing because I am one of the worst writers that God created. I am as good at grammar as King Kong would be at ice-skating. So bare with me and my awful grammar.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

So we are all selfish pieces of CRAP

So I hate email forwards. I don’t read them. It doesn’t matter who they are from I just don’t read them. Well. Today I broke that regular delete routine. My friend Kasey sent me an email and I randomly read it. It is a story from Sports Illustrated of a kid that was born with all his limbs paralyzed. They figured out that he could communicate through a computer and one day asked his dad to run in a charity race. His father a self-described porker, pushed his son 5 miles. This led them to running marathons, 212 triathlons and doing 4 Ironman competitions. The father has done all of this for his son because after their 1st race his son communicated that during that run was the first time he didn’t feel disabled. I am not trying to over religious but I just thought about how much more Christ does for us because he loves us. Watch this video of a dad that gives his life away to his son. This father is a living example of being selfless.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Gotta start them early

So we were on vacation this week and i started Levi on his 1st Mac. He is sold on Apples.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

why i make myself so mad

i deleted about 200 pictures last night by mistake. i could not be more mad at my self. vacation is great tho, we are having fun and getting rest.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

be back in a week

We are going on vacation and probably wont have the access to internet. So I will be back in the blog world next week.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gadsby 352

I am not sure how i feel about this song right now, but i thought i would share. the recording isn't great but its a start. check it out and let me know what you think. Click here or past this in your browser

dumbest thing ever on tv

so i am working on some work stuff at home today and Camille is watching the view. I hear Rosie say "i feel like doing a production number" so the Kebler elf comes out of the side door and these guys holding paper cookies come out and dance with her. I have never liked “the view” nor have I watched it. So if there is a sure way to destroy a TV show here it is: get Rosie to do an overly lame song routine. Wow that was bad.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

what we all think we want

I love this song. for some reason i have it stuck in my head.i heard it 1st on Greys but its stuck in my head so i thought i would write about ar the lyrics that caught my ear.

“If I lay here, 
If I just lay here, 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?”

That’s what we all think we want and need, someone to “lie with me” and forget all the crap around us. Trust me I want to do that as much if not more than the next guy but I think there is more to life than surviving.
Yeah life gets really hard and people hurt us and we fail people, people pass away, jobs are lost, babies die, friends move away, I mean the list could go on. Life is just hard. But I still think there is more than just surviving. I think I have grown up believing that if I could just be good enough or do enough of the right things that life would get easier, I was wrong. My thinking has told me to just do what I have to do to survive and heaven will reward enough for all I have done. I don’t believe that anymore. I thought once you have that person that will “lie with me” life gets easier. I have that person. My bride is loyal, encouraging, loving, giving, cooks a mean lasagna and she would “lie with me” and just forget the world, if that would solve the worlds issues. See it is not that we need that person to complete our puzzle of life because we don’t we need a savior to really change us. I need that desperately. I was reading John 3 today and was thinking what a dramatic statement Jesus makes when he says you must be born again. My hope is that thorugh my rebirth my song in the midst of deep pain and sorrow would be
“If I lay here, 
If I just lay here, 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
But soon I will get up, I will need your help, I don’t need to stay here,
so lead me somewhere new. Somewhere that you want me to be”

i hope this blog makes a small amount of sense to anyone out there.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Living behind bars

Yesterday I drove by a prison. I had driven past this prison 10 times before this time but this time it was different. All of the inmates were outside for Rec. time. There were walking around the track, playing basketball, playing volleyball and sitting on benches. As I drove by I was caught by the thought that thousands of people drive by that prison everyday and see prisoners fenced in. I also noticed that it seemed like the prisoners didn’t even realize that cars were driving by. It was almost as if they were on a deserted island and there was not hope to ever leave.
I think that’s how we live. I think we see that life sucks, people hurt us and we think it has to stay that way things are. We think we are in our own prison. We are not in chains anymore. The love of Christ is rich and free. Why don’t we LIVE?
Just live.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why sorority girls shouldn’t be aloud into shows if they plan on drinking or opening their mouths.

So tonight I went with my buddy Justin Driver (who is a very talented musician) to see JAY CLIFFORD formally of “Jump Little Children”. Jay was incredible. His vocal range puts many to shame and his ability to make difficult chord progressions look easy and VERY smooth was impressive. It was a super cool setting at a brewery/restaurant. I would love our church to meet somewhere like this place. Not for the beer, I don’t like beer (sorry to all you beer lovers). So all in all the show was great.

Now back to the real reason I am writing tonight: Why sorority girls shouldn’t be aloud into shows, if they plan on drinking or opening their mouths.
There as a group of sorority girls with their boy toys right next to us. The guys with their beer and the girls with their wine. And I am not sure if one of the girls learned how to talk from Rosanne Barr but she was the loudest talker I have every been near. These girls talked the entire show, until Jay was singing a song with the word "wish" in it and held the "SH" a bit longer. They didn’t speak after that.

If you are that person who goes to a show just to have something to do, DON’T GO. You will talk to your buddies, talk on your cell phone, drink to much, get in a fight, and most of all piss off the guys that are trying to watch the show.

That was my night. Great job Jay. Here is his myspace: Jay Clifford

I was glad to get to see him since “Jump Little Children” is my sister in laws favorite band. You would have loved the show Maran.
Sorry the picture is such bad quality, I zoomed in with my phone.

Monday, September 04, 2006


I am not sure when plan to write everything I am thinking concerning my last blog, but I will come back to it.

I wanted to tell folks how much I like living where we do. We live in Watkinsville(that is next to Athens for you who do not know). We are so close to everything and I love Camille staying at home. I am so grateful to our church for making that happen. It is something we value and are SO thankful.

I have been thinking about the myspace/facebook world. I have a myspace…well 2 actually, one has music on it and one was my 1st blog. I was looking at a friends myspace which led me to another friends husbands. It was crazy how disgusting some of the things he had on his myspace. I had to leave his myspace because I felt like I would need to spend hours in a confession booth due to the vulgar content. It was sad because I know this guy goes to church every Sunday and would say he is a stand up Christian. Please do not hear me questioning his salvation; I am not doing that at all!!! I am however saying that I believe that these online communities give people male and female a secret place to exist as someone you are not during the normal day, a secret place to experience things they normally wouldn’t and see things that may not be the best for them. I hurt for people that struggle with this type of sin. Yet another disclaimer: I struggle with sin as well, not this particular one, but I have PLENTY of junk in my life. The reason I hurt for people with this struggle is because I feel like it is such a lonely virus. It infects our lives slowly until we are no longer the same people.
My encouragement for you guys or girls struggling with this is for you to seek out accountability for your online travels.
Maybe this blog seems strange but I was thinking about this last night, so I write.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

why do you go?

So church was everything I had hoped. Jesus was on display…I don’t think you could have been there and not noticed.
I would like to pose a question:
Why do you go to church?
I would love an answer from you, who ever you are, that reads my blog.

Rewording the question:
Why do you go to a church gathering/worship service/whatever you call your sunday gathering?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Heading to bed

Well I was hoping GT would pull out the upset, but with 4 min. left in the game it doesn't look like its going to work out. I will say to all you GT haters, they are a better team than most folks think(that is if they play like they did tonight.)

I am so glad college football is back!!! I am also glad my bride loves college football.
I am excited about church tomorrow, good songs, good sermon, get ready folks.

I am not sure of a couple of things:
1) who reads my blog?
2) do the folks who read go to our church?

anyway, I hope who ever is reading your involved in a church that you love and that church is pointing you to Jesus.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

what !!!???!!!

what are people thinking?

like thunder

These are my thoughts tonight: Pain chases my like thunder chases the rain.
So here I sit on my couch, and question why things hurt. I mean I know we live in a fallen world and that is why we hurt each other. But sometimes it feels like I should run and hide from everything.
here is all I know:
love lusters at the cross,
shines brighter than the stars
stood in my place, so I might see grace.

I am holding on to the fact that I know love. He gave himself for me. I know love and regardless how fast or hard pain chases me, my Shepard says "I will seek the lost, and I will bring back the strayed, and I will bind up the injured, and I will strengthen the weak" so yeah I feel rough tonight but I know love and he makes life worth living, even when it hurts.

Monday, August 28, 2006

why i am thankful for my bride

So like many of you I wake up in the morning take a shower and go to work. Well, my bride stays at home with our boy. To some of you that may seem like no big deal, just hanging around watching TV. Not so much. She is the best mom. She takes care of Levi and the house and me. I just wanted to give her some props because she is a great mom and wife. I am so glad I married someone I get along with and is as laid back as I am. I love my bride.

Friday, August 25, 2006


i have a bunch of good friends on a retreat this. pray for them this weekend. pray that God will stir their hearts that they might see him clear.

Why God Hates Me

So we had a great night at ”one night only” tonight. That was a vision casting night for our church. It was a good time, it was after that when God sent down his thunder.
BTW this is VERY personal and a lot of information, so if you don’t want to know go ahead and surf another site, no seriously read something else, this is a lot of info you may not want to read. So here we go.
I had to leave “one night only” and take back the projector we used. I left the community center at about 9:45. I got to HWY 316 at about 9:50. I was on the phone and the drops of sweat began to come. I mean it was like I had been cutting grass for hours. I was on the phone with my dad and I got off the phone to hopefully calm my self down. I then had to make a choice to find a bathroom. I was turned right on 316 and headed towards Athens. I pulled into McDonalds behind a red truck. I park the car and watch the guy from the red truck run to the mens bathroom and take the stale I need. So I get back in the car and decide I might be able to return the projector and make it home. I start down 316 and miss my turn to the house. I had t o drive 3 miles and turn around, then returned the projector. Start out of the neighborhood and here comes the pain again. It’s the pain that screams through your skin, and yes I was screaming.
I get to the Publix in Watkinsville and I think I am almost home I can make it. I pass the Zaxby’s and realize I had made a mistake. I couldn’t make it. I had to turn around. I ran into Zaxby’s and met the porcelain Gods and eased some of my pain. By now I have sweated more than I would have if I were playing football inside of a volcano, and now I am ready to lay down.
I got home and laid on the couch and I am planning on convening with the porcelain God’s one last time and go to bed.
I will not be eating Zaxby’s for a long while. Steven Stowe, I told you Zax sauce will kill you.
Sorry if this is a lot of info you didn’t want but that was my night…well just the end of it.
oh and by the way i don't think God really hates me for you folks that don't know i am joking.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


This is not all of it, just parts that i am working on and that minister to me.
Gadsby 941

Jesus, my Lord, my Life, my All,
Prostrate before thy throne I fall:
Fain would my soul look up and see
My hope, my heaven, my all in thee.

Here in this world of sin and woe,
I’m filled with tossings to and fro;
Burdened with sin, and fears oppressed,
With nothing here to give me rest.

I long to hear thy pardoning voice
O speak and bid my soul rejoice
Say, “peace be still; look up and live;
Life, peace, and heaven are mine to give.”

Friday, August 18, 2006

Is the organ an out dated lone instrument for worship?

Yes. Ok so maybe I just pissed some folks off by saying that but I totally think it is out dated. Hear this 1st: I do think an organ can be used to lead people in musical worship. But the question I would ask folks is what part of culture do you see an organ being used? Here is some History of Organs (just for fun):
The First organs were used in ancient Roman circus games. The organ dates back to classical antiquity. The earliest organs were hydraulic. They began as portable instruments and later became a sit down instrument. Because of their portability, they were used for the accompaniment of both sacred and secular music in a variety of settings. During the Renaissance and Baroque eras the organ became an instrument capable of creating numerous tonal colors, both unique and imitative. So basically like every instrument the organ has evolved over time and have been used in all types of music

It’s’ funny as I looked up things on wikipedia this is one thing it said about churches with a worship leader: The Christian churches that are led by a worship leader during musical worship tend to be the churches with growing population Coming out of the older, more traditional forms of doing church, church congregations were interested in finding a way to make what was considered, by many, to be dull into an exciting way to praise God.

As I am writing this I see that I am not totally being clear and that I am combining many different thoughts. But here is my main thought I would like to chat about here.
I feel like organs do not play a role in our culture. I would say there is a small piece of our culture that loves the sound of organs. The heart behind me writing this is, while I was cutting grass today I was thinking about why churches with “traditional worship” only, are declining in attendance. Side note what makes organ worship traditional? Honestly isn’t there older music than organ music? And what makes a song worthy of singing? (Most would say content but the reality is that it must be old and in a hymnal)

I confess my preference is involved in this blog but if you can show me where in our culture you an organ, I will start to consider an organ not being out dated. And I don’t want you to send me some obscure cd or random website that says that they love organ music. I want you to prove to me that an organ is not out dated make me see that as many folks that buy/download Christina Aguilera’s new double CD. I want to know it plays a part in our culture today.
But for now I will say the only reason folks have an organ only in their church is that they feel like other music is not sacred and that is a personal preference issue.

This all probably made no sense but I was thinking about this so I wrote it down.
Till next time.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the wanderer

this is part of a johnny cash song we are doing next Sunday for the prelude. yeah our church rocks, how many pastors ask for johnny cash for the prelude. good call matt.

I went out searching, looking for one good man
A spirit who would not bend or break
Who would sit at his father's right hand
I went out walking with a bible and a gun
The Word of GOD lay heavy on my heart, I was sure I was the one
Now Jesus, don't You wait up, Jesus, I'll be home soon
Yeah I went out for the papers, told her I'd be back by noon
Yeah I left with nothing, but the thought you'd be there too
Looking for you
Yeah I left with nothing, nothing but the thought of you
I went wandering

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ode to Johnny Cash

ok so this song isn't for or about Johnny Cash but the music sounds like a song he would sing.
gadsby hymnal 352

the moon and stars shall loose their light
the sun shall sink into the night
both heaven and earth shall pass away
the works of nature all decay

but they that in the Lord confide
and shelter in His wounded side
shall see the danger overpast
stand every storm, and live at last

what Christ has said must be fulfilled
on this firm rock, believers build
his word shall stand, his truth prevail
and not one jot or tittle fail

his word is this: poor sinners hear
believe on me and banish fear
cease from your own works bad or good
and wash your garments in my blood

Monday, August 14, 2006

wow, I feel old and fat

So today I went to play football with a couple of guys from UGA. David Chin invited me to play football with them.
1st I would to say thanks to David for inviting me.
2nd I would like to say wow I am not in college anymore.
I mean I forgot how fast college folks were when they run. One guy was like a freaking cheetah and I was a 200 year old turtle. It was good times to connect with some guys I have talked with at church and meet a bunch of new guys.
Great job CO (campus outreach) on getting guys out there to play.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

So today I turned 28

I hope all this makes sense.

Today August 13, 2006, I turned 28 years old. And unlike any other year, I feel pretty reflective. So here are my reflections on the past year.

Well one year ago today we had the 1st program of the year at 1st Pres. and we were preparing for Sharptop. Sharptop, for those who don’t know, is the greatest retreat ever. The strange thing about that weekend is, just B4 I left for that weekend Christ Community Church called me applying to come and lead worship for the church. A long story short: We moved to Watkinsville in February.It was hard to leave the people of FPC. If any of you read this: I miss you guys. I love where I am and I know I wouldn’t be here with out you guys. Thanks for investing your lives in me.

We have loved being a part of Christ Community Church. I really feel like this is a church that is honestly trying to make God the focus of everything we are doing. I say trying because we are human and we suck as people so we will fail, but we are trying.

Camille gave birth to our first child on April 24, 2006 at 6:26pm. Aidan Levi Slaten. He goes by Levi and we LOVE that kid to pieces. He has been a great source of joy and craziness. The joy has been from FUN times; the craziness has been from the long nights and fussy periods.

It has been a great year in some ways and a really hard in other ways. I have seen how much I need Christ. I have seen even more how GREAT that need is, these last couple of months. I really don’t want to type everything on here but I will just say, in this life things hurt our hearts and it takes time to heal those hurts.

And as you see in my blog below I just got my new guitar. I would have never dreamed of owning a guitar so nice. I LOVE IT. This morning when I played it during worship, it sounded as good through the sound system as it does acoustically. Read my blog below.

Finally, my hopes for the year to come (in no order).
1) I would like to build some relationships with non Christians
2) Spend great time with my boy
3) Continue on this great journey of a great/loving marriage
4) Get more involved in our community
5) Go away on a vacation.
6) Continue to see how deep my need if for Jesus

Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally here

So on December 27 2005 I ordered a custom Breedlovee C20 and on August 10th 2006, I got my new guitar. And it lives up to everything I dreamed that it would be. It has Redwood top and Koa back and sides. The Koa is almost 3D, when you move it in the light it looks like it’s moving. The reason I am so excited about this is that I would have never dreamed I would own this guitar. Maybe to some of you this seems lame but for me it’s like getting a new house , a new car, or maybe for some of you home theater to play your play station on. I am SO thankful that my bride is supportive of me getting this guitar. It would have been easy for her to not want me to spend the money on the guitar but I am so blessed to have a bride that wanted me to have this beautiful instrument. Also, thanks to Glen Wilson you worked me a GREAT deal on this guitar. If ANYONE is interested in getting a breedlove you need to call me and I will get you in touch with Glen. I would have NEVER (and I mean that) bought a custom Breedlove had I not met Glen Wilson.
So what makes this guitar so great?
It has an extremely balanced sound. You get all the lows with out being a dreadnought or jumbo. The highs are bright but not tinny. When recorded it is mind-boggling how full the sound is.
I am thankful that God has allowed me this pleasure to own such a great instrument. Maybe this sounds lame to some of you reading (which I have no idea who reads this) but I can’t get over the fact that I have this guitar, Kinda like when Camille walked into the sanctuary to become my bride, I couldn’t believe she was choosing me to live the rest of her life with me. I am not saying that I love this guitar as much as I love my bride, I am just saying like my amazement of how phenomenal my bride is, I am amazed at how great my guitar is as well.
Don’t leave me a comment about loving my guitar more than my bride cause it is not true.

Oh yeah one more thing, I am excited about what God is doing in the hearts of the people in our church. Please pray that God will continue to push each of us to live missional lives in Oconee County.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why my blogs suck

Well, I don’t think the content actually sucks, it is my grammar that sucks. so I write this to tell everyone that I know I am horrible at grammar, and that I am going to try to get better. This was all sparked from a conversation I had with my bride the other night, and a conversation with Matt Adair. So I am go to try and get better with my grammar. We shall see how this goes: )

Friday, August 04, 2006

fun times with my boy!?

just a fun story...well it was not fun while it was happening. camille went to get her hair done today, it was her birthday. so she leaves at 2:15 when Levi goes down. by the way he always sleeps from about 2:30-4 everyday. so we both felt like i would be able to work while he slept. well 3 o'clock comes around and he starts to cry on and off for 10 min. so then at 3:10-3:15 he never stopped crying. so like a good dad i went and picked him up. i calmed him down and laid him back down. well that did no good. he the proceeded to cry from 3:17-3:30. so i picked him up and calmed him once again. i knew there was no way at this point that he was going back down, and i also knew i had work to do(i was working on a graphic for our vision casting night). so i sat down at the computer and with one arm created the graphic.
i did really enjoy sitting with Levi and i do love my son. i had work i had to do at home and he was making that hard. But i will love being with him as he grows up. i know this is just the beginning of of our journey and i am going to do my best to equip him to give his life away. thats all for now.
one more thing, we went to the pool for the first time with Levi...good times. thanks Joanne.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

are you kidding

these folks are trying to keep us aware. listen up. i say that while laughing.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


well this entire conversation started after i saw the video from the new Hillsongs UNITED cd (which i like, but not as much as the cd they put out b4 this one). the cd comes with a dvd of the songs. it's cool to see the songs live, but i got distracted by the mosh pit that broke out during one of the songs. so am i not someone interested in telling people how they should respond to God, but since i am a preacher guy, i figured i will give my opinion.
i don't see a place in scripture where folks are worshiping Jesus and they are hurting themselves or other. the only folks i see hurting others or themselves is when the prophets of Baal 1 Kings. i don't think anyone sees God illustrating how to worship him, through the same methods that the prophets of Baal.
I feel like scripture should be our measuring stick for our response to God. here are a few things from scripture.
Raise hands: Psalm 63:4 I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands.
Dance 2 Samuel 6:14 David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the LORD with all his might,
Shout Psalm 100:1 Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth.
Stand Psalm 22:23You who fear the LORD, praise him!All you offspring of Jacob, glorify him,and stand in awe of him, all you offspring of Israel!
Clap Psalm 47:1 Clap your hands, all peoples!Shout to God with loud songs of joy!
Sing James 5:13 Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise.
Kneel Psalm 95:6 Oh come, let us worship and bow down;let us kneel before the LORD, our Maker!
Bow: Ephesians 3:14 For this reason I bow my knees before the Father,

I would say no one should feel like there one acceptable response to God during our musical worship time, but i do think that our expression of worship should point to Jesus. everything Jesus did pointed to the father, and everything the spirit does points to the Son. so everything we do should point to the cross. i can hear dancing, it doesn't always draw attention to you, sing, shout, clap, raise your hands, whatever you want but make sure it points to Jesus. The mosh pit: i don't see slamming into folks around you helping anyone worship Jesus.
thats all i have for tonight.
i will probably write some more about this in days to come.

what is to come

well about 1 moth ago i told Strick that i would write about postures/actions in corporate worship gatherings. so i just wanted you all to know that tonight i plan on writing my answer to the question: What should dictate our response to God? and What is approriate(ex. moshpit, head banging, raising your hands, dancing, and many more) so yeah just a heads up.

Friday, July 28, 2006

the greatness of different opinions

B4 you read this let me remind you i stink at grammer so get over that b4 you read this.
its funny, ya know how we don't realize how different we all are. i mean, i think we feel like everyone is on the same page as we are and if they are not they are not a real, Christian. ok some of you are like "i know we don't all agree" but sure we all agree about Jesus, loving people, not eating babies(where did that come from???), not beating your wife, not stealing from people but what if we disagree about stuff like...abortion, gay marriage, the president, sex(i mean some people just are not fans...they are crazy but ya know), smoking tabacco, should it be allowed to smoke your bong anywhere anytime??? i mean when we disagree about things that are taboo.....well do you have anyone in your life that you would say you disagree with on these issues? i think some Christians can be pompous because they wont be friends to anyone who differs on these opinions. by the way you "christians" holding your signs about how "God hates fags" and telling the to "turn or burn" your method isn't working so STOP making me look bad.
here is what i would ask do we as Christians live out the gospel by only being who think and live just like us?
if the gospel is here renew and redeem EVERYTHING then shouldn't we be loving on the folks that have different views than us? i mean wouldn't you think folks would be more likely to change if they have a relationship with someone that loves them, instead of someone who hates them and condemns them? i am just thinking about it. i have had a good conversation with a great friend, and i am glad we can have different opinions and still have a great friendship. i just want to say that the gospel is bigger than any of us and my prayer is that it will change each of our lives.
those are my thoughts.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


can pain go away? well i am gonna say yes. but what does it take? to day i learned this definition: when the of the kingdom breaks into time and space to redeem and renew EVERYTHING. so yes, pain can go away it just takes a great movment!!! and that movement is the gospel. and wow i need it.

Monday, July 24, 2006


well i know that superman has gotten mixed reviews for the most part so i am gonna give my opinion. i really liked it. i really felt like it was true to superman and really did a great job telling a story. i think the more i see what Christ did for me on the cross and what the implications of that is, the more i see him in our culture. we all need a savior. we can fight it but its true we all need a savior. i think we are fascinated with the super heros because we all feel a need for a super hero to come and save us. so yeah i liked superman.

Friday, July 21, 2006

what does it mean to love

so tonight i sit here thinking about levi growing up and what can i do as a father to lead my family in a way that will keep us off dr. phil or jerry springer. and i honestly have no idea. i have some friends that have been great parents and their kids are mean and selfish. i have other friends who have been really removed parents and yet their kids seem giving and caring. i just don't know what it is. as i am reading the bible i feel like the best i can do is pray that God would show me who he is. i mean if God is love that what i need, i need to be able to be more like Christ. my issue is i know i am going to fail levi, and i am ok with that. my issue isn't in failing him, its how I rebound from failing him. he has to see me as a man admit i am wrong and make my wrongs right. so yeah my prayer tonight is that i will not be the normal father and camille would not be the normal mom. that God would take our pride away and allow us to look more like him, love. i want to know what that means, and once i know, i want to live it.

one more thing

well tonight camille ran to publix to get some meet for a lasagna, which means levi and i had so me father son time. (we have a good bit of father son time but most of the time camille is here) so anyway. we are haning out on the we do...and he was laughing at me. i put my hands on his checks and said :levi i love you" and let out the biggest laugh, then i said it again and he let out another big laugh. i now he has no clue what i said to him, but i think he is figuring out who i am, this moment today made me excited about him growing up. i am so pumped to see what will happen with levi. i hope he loves Jesus and gives his life away to others.
anyway we are enjoying levi and enjoying my t time off this week. i have had a very productive week, i have cut grass, and cleaned out the garage and we went to see Christine Holland, and i am working on writing some stuff.
i will be out in b-ham next week with the church staff, doing some visioning, and praying. pray for us while we are away. it really feels like God is doing something awesome. its so awesome that God uses folks like us to do great things for him, so cool.


well i am on vacation and i think i have made this my excuse for staying up late. but there is one problem, i am staying up later but i am not sleeping later. i really hope this doesn't bite me in the butt.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Psalm 73:25-26
Whom have I in heaven but you?
And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.
My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength[a] of my heart and my portion forever.

i want this to be my song.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

not about you

i think this is a lesson that's hard to learn in life. i mean how often does someone look at you and say "it's not about you." here is the thing, when someone hears that what are you supposed to tell them? well today i got to hang out with some friends that get it, they have given their lives away and realize that life isn't about them. now please don't hear that their lives are perfect but that they get that life is about giving it to other folks. i would like to say to us all life is not about our homes, cars, dogs(yes i know we are crazy about our dog), jobs, having 5 nights a week at home, school, grades, anything but giving our lives to the mission that Christ has called us. so yeah its not about you or about me.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

bring us joy

hear o Lord, and answer us
for we're poor and needy
gaurd our lives, for we are yours
you are our God, save your servants
who trust in you
have mercy on us, Lord

bring us joy
bring us joy
for to you, Lord
we lift our souls
bring us joy
bring us joy
for to you, Lord
we lift our souls
bring us joy

teach us your ways o Lord
and we will walk in your truth
give us undivided hearts
that we may fear your name
for great is your love for us

this comes out of psalm 86
i am working on putting something together for it. i need a bridge still.
this is a picture of a child from Ethiopia, i thought in her eyes you see hope and joy. that in the dark or in our time of great need there is hope and only true joy can come from God.

good article

scripture tends to be ignored in worship gatherings all over the US. it tends to be about music, some good stories and scripture may be brought in for a small showing. i applaud the churches who see scripture as the way God reveals Himself to us and because of that conviction the place scripture at the front of everything done. here is the article: click here

Monday, July 17, 2006

hold on

i feel like thats been my thought for a long time now. hold on, its gonna get better. and you know what it doesn't always get better. people never seem to change. here is my thought: we have to realize that people are going to let us down and treat us like crap. BUT there comes a time when you can't hold on anymore and wait for them to change, because some people never will. so maybe there has to be a time to let go, other wise they can do damage to who you are.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

how? when?

what a blessing it is to be used by a great God. i mean i know me and i know that i am not the best guy AT ALL...lets be honest i am a miserable sinner. BUT i have a savior that died so when the one judge looks at me, all He sees is a person that is saved by the blood of Christ. but tonight what is on my mind isn't how and why did Christ die for me(which is crazy and something that maybe this blog should be about) but tonight i am thinking about how great it is to know folks that love Jesus. and i ask my self how am i so lucky to have invested in their lives and now can see how GREAT our God is.
1st i want to tell you about one of my favorite people in the world. her name is Katie Gronewald, aka gro. i met her when she was in the 8th grade, she walked into the office with a friend wearing overalls and a red hat, she was a normal 8th grader but i had no clue how amazingly God would use her. as the years went on, gro was apart of my brides d-group and we became much closer with gro and she started working for the youth ministry that i helped direct. we invested our lives into gro as she went through high school. Her senior year she went to romania in april, mexico in june and africa in july. gro got it. she realized that God had called her to give her life away and she is getting it. now she is a sophomore in college and in april she went to the czech republic and just spent 4 weeks in an orphanage in Kenya. i mean she lived in an orphanage with kids that most of them had lost their parents to AIDS. she loved on these kids and i honestly couldn;t be more proud of her. i have always viewed her like a daughter( i know am not her dad and don't pretend to be, i just feel protective) and i must say i couldnt be more proud of the woman that God is making her into. Gro i know you will never read this but i pray that levi will be able to learn from you and give his life away like you do. camille and i love you grover and couldn't be more proud of you!

second there are these two fellas that are going to be juniors in high school and they are in ghana africa. i have had the chance to spend a bunch of time with both of these guys. and to give you an idea about who they are Ryan is the most well read 16 year old i know, and davis is the most passion ate 1th grader i have ever met. i love these guys. they get it. we are called to give there lives away. guys if you read this i am so proud of you and pray for you daily.

so i started with 2 questions(kinda) how and when?
1) how am i lucky enough to know these folks and 2) when are more people going to get it?
1) God is good 2) when we see God for how GREAT really is.
thanks gro, ryan and davis for living out the gospel. so proud to be a part of your lives!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Love Lusters at Calvary

Enlarge my heart,
warm my affections
open my lips
supply words that proclaim "love lusters at Calvary"
there my sin was removed by grace
that sin laid on the Son, made a thief by my sin
and cursed for me
there we saw you for all you are,
where full atonment was made
and in that atonement we were enriched in every way

Let us not lack, let us not fear
but let us eagerly await the day you appear
keep us strong and blameless in your sight
find us faith full to the mission you have called us
to give our lives away, let us give our lives away

Saturday, July 08, 2006


No eye has seen
No ear has heard
No mind conceived
What God has, prepared for those, who love him

If Jesus were not my redemption
I would sink down to hell
If Jesus were not my sanctification
All sins I should commit
O when will I have your mind
When will I look like you
And see all this world offers is nothing compared to you

No eye has seen
No ear has heard
No mind conceived
What God has, prepared for those, who love him

As God redeems the world he’s made
We fight to remain the same
When all is clean and holy to Him
My heart will know His heart
O how I long now for that day
For our minds to see you plain
Cause all this world offers is nothing compared to you.

Monday, July 03, 2006


this year it all changes...isn't that what we always say? i am referring to my lack of success when it comes to fantasy sports. i have only won once in any of the football/baseball/pick'em anything i have pretty much SUCKED at them. so this year starting with football i am coming with thunder. beware...i mean i am gonna try a bit harder which isn't hard since i haven't spent hardly any time on this b4. here i come you fantasy sport players.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

my boys

check out my fellas!
this is their website: